Introduction And Background
When you want to diet, you want to do the best diet and lose as much weight as you possibly can. You want your diet to have all the essential nutrients so that your health does not deteriorate in any way and you also want the weather conditions to be suitable so that you are comfortable in your diet. But then again, which weather conditions will be suitable for your diet? Some people think that dieting during winters is better but is it truly the best season for dieting? Read on further to find out the difference between dieting during summers and winters and know which one of them is likely to suit you better.

Winter The Best Season…Or Not?
Dieting can be done during all the seasons because if one truly wants to lose weight, they can even do it in the heat of Africa or the snow of Alaska. It really doesn’t matter. However, the fact cannot be ignored that weather does change your mood and it can affect the way you diet. It is a fact that most people feel hungrier during the winters than they do in the summers and it can become a little harder to control the appetite during winter season because one is mostly hungry, not thirsty. And drinking water to override that hunger during the winters is not exactly plausible because no one likes drinking water in the winters that much. However, winter can be the best season because there are few things delighting people as opposed to summer. There are no delicious treats such as sodas and ice-creams and you are able to resist as well sometimes because of the cold. But on the other hand, your body needs food to stay warm so you want to eat more. But then again, your metabolic rate is faster during the winters because of heat production. There are two sides to every story!

What About Summers?
The other question has arrived now. What about summers? Well, summers is another season which is enjoyable and fun and there are lots of treats available during this time. Here is why summer is probably not a good season for dieting:

  • You are usually off from school or college and if you are working, you are still in the mood for a break during the summers. This leads to hanging out with friends a lot which leads to eating. You cannot always resist pizza at a friend’s place or resist takeout when your family is in the mood for one about thrice a week. Thus, it can be harder to control your cravings during the summer.
  • Your metabolic rate is faster in the winters. This makes winters a better season for dieting.
  • During the summers you sweat a lot and immediately want to hydrate yourself. But the thing is, very few would turn to water immediately. A lot would settle for milkshakes and malts and cokes and they are very high in calories, ruining your diet effectively.

But To Be Honest…
It all depends on who you are and which season suits you better. As you can tell clearly by reading above, summers and winters both have their problems and both have their advantages. The probability is a little higher that you’ll be able to lose weight in winters at a slightly faster pace and might be able to stay away from carbs and stuff because winters usually make you feel that way but then again, a person who wants to lose weight and is determined to do so can lose it in the summers as well. It doesn’t have to be winters only. So if you think that your body is better adapted to the environment of winters and you are better able to control your cravings during that time period, you should think of dieting during the winters. But if you think that winter is not a good season and you should be dieting in the summers because of free time which gives more time for exercise, you can do that as well. It all really depends on which season suits your mood and how focused are you on your goal!

The conclusion that you will get from this article is that winters hold better advantage to losing weight but summers are not far behind. You can lose weight in both of these seasons if you truly want to. The main thing is to want to lose weight. Of course, environment factors do affect your mood and metabolic rate and you can take advantage of that factor but other than that, it is really all on you that how well are you able to control your diet and stick to your regime to lose weight.

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