Introduction And Background
Firstly, the title of the article needs to be fixed a little. Saying that people gain weight after marriage means there is a said rule that applies to all the men and women on the planet which is not the case! It should be that why do MOST people gain weight after marriage because that is what it is; most people do but not all! There are numerous reasons behind the weight gain of marriage. Many think that there is probably a massive surge or depletion of some hormone which leads to it or there are chemical changes in the body due to ‘marriage.’ This is not so. Read on further and get to know what really happens and why do MOST people end up gaining weight after they get married.

The Dieting Stops
Surely everyone wants to look good on the big day and thus before that happens, almost every person is trying their best to lose weight and probably go into starvation mode as well. Once they are married and the big day is gone and they have the love of their lives bound to them for eternity, the need to look immensely good and fit also goes away. There are many couples who maintain themselves and want to look good even after but many men and women also give themselves away and thus begin to eat normally or maybe even a lot after consistent dieting which makes the body store more fat than ever. Hence, the dieting stops, the eating a lot takes place and that leads to normal mathematics of weight gain.

The Dinners Start
Since marriage is a huge celebration in some countries, it does not only stop on the wedding day. For instance, in Asia, there are countries like India and Pakistan where every member of the family give a wedding dinner to the couple and this continues for weeks at a time! Sometimes it is the grandparents from the groom’s side who have a dinner at their place and sometimes it is the uncle from the bride’s side who want to throw them a big lunch. And of course, it would look rude if the guests of honor don’t eat the delicious food that has been placed on the table because of them. And this leads to overeating for days after which obviously leads to weight gain!

The Honeymoon Period
The most commonly taken vacation in the world also is a major cause of the weight gain after marriage. You will often see couples go as fit and lean creatures and when they return from their honeymoon some days later, they will have chubbier bodies and perhaps rounder faces. It is mostly because they have either been lazing around or eating exotic food, away from the strenuous daily lives at the office and then putting on a few pounds in the process. No one can blame them for it but that is also one of the reasons why people gain weight after marriage.

Do Hormones Play A Role?
No, hormones do not play a role in this scenario. It is mostly the lifestyle and activity that changes. The hormones in the body remains the same, there is no hormone in the body which begins storing more fat just because you are married! That actually happens in pregnancy but then, weight gain is mostly unavoidable in that factor! So worry not, a marriage certificate is not something the hormones of the body can see or detect and then order a change! Things like that do not happen.

What You Can Do To Avoid Gaining Weight
Do not start to immediately overstuff yourself just because you’re married now and specifically not after going through so many days of dieting. You need to return slowly to your normal diet in order for the body to adjust. Let’s hope the dinners do not take place because you’re moving to a location far away from all the relatives but just in case they do occur, try to eat less and compliment more, that really does help. And as for the honeymoon period, go jogging near the beach in the morning or go swimming in the pool of the five star hotel!

Do not think that marriage is a ticket to the weight gain circle. It is not that way, you make it that way! As you can see, the various reasons of weight gain after marriage and how they can easily be avoided if you are prepared for it! Mostly, the reasons behind it are social and the mistake that people make thinking it has something do with hormones, clear this misconception and clear it for others as well if there comes any a time that someone asks!

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