Why Children Are Moving Towards Obesity?

Introduction And Background
This is a very common concern for many developed countries and has been researched upon through and through along with trying to rectify the situation as well. In some countries of the world where poverty prevails, there will be children dying from hunger but if you go to the countries where these extreme conditions of hunger are not found, you will see obese children like never before. Why is that so? You can read on further to know about some of the reasons as to why this happens and what you can do about it; especially if you have an obese child at home.

Families Don’t Eat Together Or Healthy Anymore
A reason that children are gradually become obese is that families either do not have a proper dinner or lunch together at the dining table and since that does not happen, there is absolutely no healthy eating. The child often helps himself to a snack or makes a sandwich which is loaded with peanut butter if the parents or the elder siblings or even the grandparents are not around to prepare a healthy meal for the entire family. These snacks often lead to binge eating as well and this habit only makes everything worse.

What To Do About It?
It’s healthy to sit down and have lunch or dinner together as many times as one can because there are many important things to be learnt. If there is a set time for the family to get together and eat something, the child will probably avoid having anything before or maybe after if the meal is fulfilling enough. And that is also the time where information about food is gotten from. For instance, no child in the world would be fond of green vegetables, especially broccoli, but all of them would be aware of the fact that broccoli is very healthy and has a lot of minerals and vitamins in it. At least, this is what happened when grandparents or parents have dinner together! Education the child on matters of the food! Hence, try to have healthier things around the house and if the child is hungry, introduce to healthier snacks such as fruits or maybe a glass of juice rather than a bag of chips and a soda.

Technology And Games Are Indoors Now
Another reason why the children of the planet are gaining weight gradually is because many of the activities that interest now either have to do with the computer, the tablet or the phone. There are numerous gaming consoles now that have enraptured many boys and girls alike and playing outside on the field is just not fun anymore and even if one kid out of a thousand makes up his mind to go outside and play football, there is nobody else to play with! Even the kindergarteners go on field-trips with their teachers to the park or maybe to the edge of the forest as something they have never done before! This only leads to children staying idle and this leads to weight gain of course. A cousin’s son once spent an entire twelve hours on the PlayStation without eating anything or even drinking a glass of water – he’s only twelve and probably has never seen a baseball bat much less ever thrown a ball at it!

What To Do About It?
The solution to this is definitely easier said than done! Parents need to lessen the screen time for their children and encourage outdoor activity or even any physical activity inside the house. Otherwise, the children are only going to keep sitting in a corner and play video games or use the internet on the computer to their heart’s content.

Fast Food Easily Available
Fast food is easily available and is very affordable as well and of course, which child does not like going to McDonald’s? The burgers and pizzas and the shakes are much more appealing than anything else. And if it becomes a habit, then probably the cravings are going to make the child go insane. And the sugar cravings also, let us not forget them!

What To Do About It?
While completely banning fast food is not an option that would fare well or even work, it would be healthier to discourage it and have it once in a while. Perhaps fixing a date with your child, having fast food about once in two weeks and then sticking to that rule so that your son or daughter understand the rule as well.

Children are moving towards obesity mostly because of inactivity and the parents have a huge role in rectifying the situation because thinking a child can deal with all of this on his own is probably a stupid option and the parent needs to lay down rules or apply them.


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