Introduction And Background
The HCG diet has gained a lot of recognition over the past year, especially being discussed in the media so often, even by big celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey! Anything that is being talked about has a reason to be talked about and HCG is like any other thing in this category. It is emerging as one of the most successful diets yet created and many people have begun to look upon it as some sort of cure for obesity. And rightfully so. The HCG diet may sound a little weird, after all, how can a few drops alter your body? Well, read on further to know how.

How Does The HCG Diet Work?
The HCG diet is actually consisting of homeopathic drops made from the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. For those of you who have taken biology or have studied medicines, you must know that this hormone actually exists inside the body. You are not taking in some manufactured hormone, it just a diluted version of the one already present in your system. The HCG drops will make the metabolism work faster, even while you are sleeping, which enables you to burn all the brown fat in the body which entails you to lose weight! This is how the HCG drops work.

Which Phase Of The HCG Diet Is The Hardest?
Many dieters claim that the hardest part of the HCG diet is Phase 2. Phase 2 is when the hard part starts, where you have to really test your strength and curtail from all the foods you want to eat. you also have to maintain a calorie count daily, making sure it does not exceed five hundred calories because that is all you are allowed to have for the day. It is also the longest phase of the diet, lasting about a twenty one days to even a month at times. Your food content is also limited and you can eat only the approved list of foods from the HCG diet food list. Anything off it is completely forbidden and is not at all good if you want to lose weight. You have to really rough it in phase 2 but that doesn’t sound so bad when you are losing about four to five kilograms in just a week’s time! If you have gotten over phase 2 of the HCG diet, most of the people say that you have successfully accomplished the diet. Phase 3 is not so easy either but phase 2 is harder than all the other phases of the HCG diet. People are most relieved when it is over.

Which Phase Of The HCG Diet Is The Easiest?
If the hardest phase is phase 2 of the diet, then the easiest is phase 1. Usually in diets the opposite occurs. You are told to strive from the start. Well, the case is not true for the HCG diet. The HCG diet starts off with the easiest thing in the world; eat whatever you like and eat as much you like. The phase also lasts only two days after which you have to begin the true training of restraining yourself and curbing the appetite so that you can lose weight. Phase 1 is a like a gift to you. It does not tell you to do anything except please yourself.

What Is The Longest Phase Of The HCG Diet?
As mentioned above, the longest phase of the HCG diet is phase 2. It can last from three to four weeks. Phase 3 is also long and can take about three weeks too but not more than that. Phase 2 can take more than that.

What Is The Shortest Phase Of The HCG Diet?
The shortest phase of the HCG diet is phase 1. It lasts only a day or two. Then begins the real dieting!

How To Get Through Phase 2?
Do not be scared. I know you have reason enough to be with what I’ve been telling you about phase 2 and that how long it is and how it is the hardest phase of the HCG diet. However, you still shouldn’t be scared of it because in the end it actually becomes the best part to see even if it is difficult. With the results and the body weight rapidly reducing, you’ll be enchanted in this phase and pretty soon you won’t even mind that your daily calorie intake is five hundred calories! In fact, you will be even more motivated to do the diet more thoroughly and as instructed, sticking to the foods that are allowed and making sure your calorie limit does not exceed the prescribed one.

The HCG diet may have its hard time but it sure has enough added perks. It has no side effects and you see results in short periods of time! What more could a person want?

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