Introduction And Background
These days, there is so much information about everything that you can do anything you want if you have the correct plan and the correct information. For instance, take dieting in this manner. If you know everything about the foods you are eating, you are probably calculating the calories and how much fat or sugar is to be stored from these foods. In this way, you can diet properly and efficiently. In this article, you will gain information about nuts and how good they are for weight loss. However, there are only some nuts which you should utilize for weight loss. They are small, bite sized foods but they contain all the essential nutrients you require. Some of them are high in proteins while others have specific vitamins and minerals that you should have in your daily diet. And most of all, they are pretty terrific for weight loss!

Nuts Good For Weight Loss
Let’s get down right to it and name the nuts that are good for weight loss. You should keep a jar of these nuts in your home and whenever you feel the need to eat something or take a bite of a cake or any other sugary stuff, try to eat nuts instead. But be careful. They are not very low in calories and have cholesterol as well. This does not mean you eat the entire jar! Just a little handful of nuts about two to three times a week is perfect. It has also been proven in a research that those people who ate nuts as opposed to those who did not lost weight more quickly!

  • Brazil Nuts
    These nuts are not very common but after you hear about them, you’ll wonder why they aren’t! Brazil nuts have a high selenium contact and this mineral is not commonly found in foods. We need a daily percentage of selenium for good hair growth as well as a good metabolic rate but sadly, we do not fulfill that small percentage even through the foods we eat daily. Brazil nuts have it! They also hold a good content of copper, zinc and other minerals which our body requires in minute amounts. Just five to six of Brazil nuts for the day are more than enough! Any more wouldn’t do you any good.
  • Walnuts
    Unsaturated fats can actually help you to reduce the abdominal fat that is fat around your waist. Unsaturated fats are found in walnuts and you can sprinkle them on your breakfast or even your cereal or have them in your salads. Walnuts also taste good and a lot of people are fond of them. This might be a delightful addition to this list for many.
  • Almonds
    Since forever, mothers and grandmothers have been feeding kids almonds to boost their brain power. This is an old myth or a wives tale. Nonetheless, the fact about almonds remain that they are pretty good as appetite suppressants. It is referred to as a “natural weight loss pill” by many nutritionists. They decrease your appetite considerably and they are also good in minerals and vitamins. However, almonds also have fat in them so do not overdo it. Eat a nominal amount.
  • Pistachios
    Pistachios improve cholesterol levels which mean they have a direct impact on the fats in the body. Pistachios are among the list of nuts that are good for weight loss. It has been proven that pistachios reduce BMI. They are also quite low in calories so you can eat a handful if you want!
  • Cashews
    This is another addition that most will be glad to see since cashew nuts are very tasty. Cashew nuts are quite healthy and one cannot ignore their content of magnesium, phosphorus and also calcium to name a few. Cashew nuts help with immunity and inflammation and also help you sleep better. In weight loss, getting enough sleep is essential and while a person is dieting, it becomes relatively difficult to sleep as well. With eating some cashew nuts, that can become easier. They are also high in fiber which is good for keeping you full as well as for bowel movements. However, they are also to be taken in a moderate amount. Do not keep eating them that can be bad for your diet!

Now that you are aware of the nuts which are good for weight loss, it is time to stock them up in your house! You can even keep the jars in your room if you do not want to keep them in the kitchen, lest you feel tempted to eat anything else. They make for a good snack and also somewhat reduce the appetite. Eating nuts smartly for weight loss has been proven to help a lot of people.

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