Introduction And Background
This debate has been going on for quite some time now and needs to be put to rest because the answer to it really is obvious – at least for those who have been on a diet and have exercised as well. The thing you all must remember here is that each item is really significant in their own capacity but if compared with one another and asked which is more important then there really is one answer to that. However, that answer will be given at the end after discussion of the two and who knows, maybe you might even come to the conclusion yourself before reading the end!

Why Do You Need To Exercise?
You need to exercise to burn the calories and to tone the body. You will burn calories by just sitting there and breathing but not many. Take it this way, if you go for a jog for an hour or so then you will probably be burning around a hundred calories. If you plan to sit in one place and watch Tv while changing the channels through the remote, you will probably be burning twenty calories or maybe even less than that. Hence, if you want to hasten the weight loss process and don’t want the scales to stick to one place, you really need to move about and plan your fitness regime. What’s more, exercise is also required to tone the body. You might be thinking as to why the need to tone the body but you will very much feel the need after your skin starts to sag a little with weight loss and you want to have a fitter body that is well toned. There is always a huge and visible difference between being thin and being fit so why not be the fitter one?

Why Do You Need To Diet?
When you plan to shed those pounds, you need to do some simple mathematics with yourself and your body. All you have to do is eat less and burn more. Once a woman lost about ten kilograms in a very little span of time and when asked what she did, her reply was simply ‘I closed my mouth.’ This does not mean that she closed her mouth while munching on a huge delicious burger, this means that she did not eat anything excessive or extra and ate very little to say the least. You genuinely need to cut down on what you generally eat because without dieting, there is no weight loss. You can do whatever you want but at the end of the day if you eat a shake and a burger and then expect those pounds to shed away by themselves, you’re highly mistaken. There is no another way to go about it except dieting and there is no alternative, unless you want to have surgery to remove the fat that you’ve been storing!

And The Winner Is…
Dieting! Yes, the more important of the two is dieting which you might have already figured out from the said above. There really is nothing you can do about this factor. Exercise you can still mull over and perhaps ignore if you really need to and you will still end up losing weight if you are dieting, even if at a slower pace. But dieting is something you cannot compromise on. It does not matter if you have exercised plenty throughout the day, if you still are eating those fries or maybe those pizzas, then you don’t have a chance in the world to reduce your weight at the rate you would want to. You might end up maintaining your weight at where you are at but reducing it becomes highly difficult if not impossible.
Can You Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Yes, you can lose weight without exercise and it all simply comes down to this question. If asked whether or not you can lose weight without dieting then the answer to that would generally be no. As explained above, you need to apply the simple mathematics and they say that you have to cut down on what you are eating in order for the body to start using up the stored fat. If you are not doing then, eating normally and even working out like a fitness freak, chances are less that you’ll end up seeing anything productive on the weighing scale.
In some circumstance, if you have the option of the two and are wondering which to go with for weight loss – pick dieting immediately. There really is no debate to the matter. Dieting is the winner through and through and you have all the reasons for that as well now, it really is just mathematics used for the body.

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