Introduction And Background

When you come to think about it, we often worry about the carbohydrates that we are eating or the kind of chicken that is available in the market. We wonder whether or not the fish we are eating is a good one or perhaps the Guavas from the fruit shop were not very old. We look at packets of processed food and then read the company names and ingredients, hoping that they are good for our health. We worry about every single kind of food except oil, the thing that almost all our food is actually cooked in. Only very old people will worry about cooking oils but the younger generation, even the middle aged ones, will never give it a second thought!

Cooking Oils And Health
When you cook all your food in a certain oil, the contents of the oil matter immensely. There is the cholesterol to consider, then other such aspects such as saturated and unsaturated fats as well as trans fats that are not easily induced into packets of chips these days. These small aspects that you overlook are actually very important health wise. You might have noticed that a lot of elderly people and some patients start eating grilled or boiled food because having oil is not good for them. Or they are told to only sprinkle a little oil on their food and that too a healthy oil, not just any from the market. If you pay attention to the cooking oils at a very earlier age in life, you can save yourself and your family from heart disease, cholesterol problems and even obesity.

Which Cooking Oils Are Best For Our Diet?
Here is a list of cooking oils that are considered to be the best for our diet. You will already know some of them but consider the top most ones for the healthiest diet possible.

1. Olive Oil
Of course, most of you might have been expecting this to be the number one cooking oil on the list. How many times is it we might have come across the saying ‘put a little olive oil in the salad, it is very healthy’ and even heart patients are told to have this oil as it will help in healing and is very good for the heart. It causes no problems and even diabetic patients can have food cooked in olive oil. It boosts the levels of HDL fatty acids in the body and keeps a check on the LDL fatty acids which are actually responsible for raised cholesterol levels. You will also get the good cholesterol for your body this way. And as if that wasn’t enough, olive oil is filled with antioxidants that will prove to be beneficial for the body in every manner.

2. Canola Oil
Some might consider this to be the number oil on the list but after careful research it is decided that canola oil although extremely good for the body, comes second to olive oil. Canola oil’s nutrients are not destroyed if you cook at a higher temperature which is just what the people need. It happens more often than you realize that you’re just taking in fats because all the nutrients got destroyed in the process of heating and frying and cooking. With Canola Oil, you do not have to worry about that. You also don’t have to worry about how long ago you opened a bottle or can of canola oil because it has a relatively longer shelf life than other oils. Doctors also recommend canola oil along with olive oil, saying that it is good for the heart. It is the oil richest in the omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Walnut Oil
This is not a very common oil used in households. You will come across it rarely. However, that is a sad case considering how healthy it is. Walnut oil not only has omega-3 fatty acids but it also contains polyunsaturated fats which you might recognize as being called the good fat. It too, like canola oil, has a high smoke point which means that the nutrients it contains remains intact even at high temperatures of cooking.

4. Almond Oil
Almond oils are available easily in the market but then again, very few would use it for cooking purposes. This is slightly surprising because almond oil is great for diabetic people and what’s more, it even tastes impeccably good!

These are the top most cooking oils that are best for our diet. A lot of our households will contain corn oil or sunflower oil. They are not bad but they are not the healthiest option you have. The best oils might cost you a little more but they are definitely worth it and nothing is above health, right?


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