Introduction And Background

Under the pressure of society and because of the unreal standard set by movie stars and models, teenagers nowadays are dieting without thinking whether they really need to. It is happening in almost every country in the world now, especially the population of young teenage girls. Even if they are perfectly fine and in the range of the ideal weight their age, they want to look a certain way and start the vicious cycle of starvation that was not even necessary in the first place!


Do You Really Need To Diet?

Ask yourself this question before you embark on a journey where you’ll probably make no one miserable but yourself. At a growing age, no one should be dieting unless they are really overweight. Otherwise, they would face problems later on in life. There was young teenage boy who went on a diet just because he felt he was chubbier than his classmates. He ended up causing himself a vitamin D deficiency and one of the bones of his arm broke just because he collided into a friend! Children don’t know what they’re getting into and it is the responsibility of the parents to know when it is the right decision to let them go on a diet and when it is not.

How To Figure Out Whether Or Not Dieting Is Required?

It is not that difficult. There are charts and formulas available all over the internet and in several magazines which tell you what your weight should be according to your height and age. If you fall under the category of being in the ideal range, then there really is no requirement for you to diet. If you are slightly overweight, just keep a watch over the food you eat and do not let yourself go overboard. There is no need to diet! And if you are really overweight, then it might be okay to diet but it is better to consult your parents so that they can help you find out the perfect healthy diet that would be suitable.

Can Dieting Be Unhealthy?

Yes. Dieting can be really unhealthy if the wrong people start to do it. As mentioned above. The boy was just slightly chubby but he ended up causing more damage to himself than before. It is necessary to know where to draw the line. Starving yourself just to be more thin when you already are good on the scales is frivolous and unintelligent. It will just cause you more pain, stress and leave you annoyed. Thus, dieting at the wrong time and in the wrong way can be really unhealthy and can cause a lot of harm to your body.

What Are The Best Diets?

There are many diets available that are really good and can fulfil your nutritional needs as well. Dieting is not unhealthy if it is done the right way. There are quite a few diets available that will be able to get you where you want to be. There is the salad diet, then the Atkins diet and then the famous twenty one day diet. These are healthy diets. Other than that, the new phenomenon that is now the rage amongst dieters is the HCG diet. It consists of a hormone that is already present in the body. A little extra of it, which is provided in HCG drops, have the ability to make the metabolism rate super fast and because of that, fat is burned because more energy has to be utilized. It is a fast way to lose weight as results show that almost three kilograms is lost in a matter of two days. And the best thing is, this diet has no known side effects. It is completely safe.


Do not make yourself into an image whose hype is just created by the media and entertainment sector. It is not healthy and without make-up, it won’t even look good. There is a very fine line between obesity and being normal and all should know where that line is drawn before they start going into starvation mode just because they think they are overweight. Only the really overweight people need to diet and even they should be careful about which diet to select.

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