Introduction And Background

Have you ever heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’? It is very true. Sometimes you can tell by looking at a person about what they are fond of eating. A thin person who has good skin might be pretty solid on fruits and vegetables. An obese and bloated person might only be eating fast food for the longest time. A lean and smart person might be on a protein diet. However, you can also become what you will eat. For instance, you can change your entire diet to ensure that it affects your body in the right manner. Basically, you can choose on the best meals to eat before, during and after exercise. You will be surprised at how much they can actually affect your body.

What To Eat Before Exercise?
Now, usually people do not eat anything before exercise. They might just snack up on something. Some people do eat a whole lot which is the reason why they begin to exercise, to get off the extra load they have just taken in! However, you should eat before exercising. You need to stock up on energy for the exercise and that means taking in carbs and proteins and even amounts of fat.

  • Your muscles require a good amount of carbohydrates for good performance during your exercise but do not overdo it. Pick a food which has a moderate amount of carbohydrates.
  • Low fat food also works out but ensure that it is actually low fat. No need to eat a heavy, fatty meal before exercising because you’ll probably get lazy after it.
  • Protein is an essential food which you must have. It is immensely important for all the muscles in your body because that is what they are made of. Having lean amounts of protein before exercising is also good because that way protein is best utilized in the body for your use.
  • You must also stock up on liquids before exercise because you will need to be fully hydrated during it.

In other words, you need not have one specific meal but you can eat whatever you like which has a normal amount of protein and carbohydrates but is low in fat and fiber. The rest is up to you, you can take in whatever food you want, there is no specific recipe for these things.

What To Eat During Exercise?
During your exercise routine, you don’t have to eat anything. Rather, you focus on what you drink. Since during the exercise one tends to sweat a lot and even if you had water or any other drink before exercising, you still need to have it during it. Have you noticed that when you exercise and sweat a lot, you generally get tired and need to freshen up? This is where the liquid part comes in. No one ever eats during an exercise because that really has no effect and will probably hinder your performance. But almost every single person drinks something, whether it is some sort of juice, plain water or even an energy drink. You don’t want to get yourself dehydrated now, do you? And if you drink up, chances are you will exercise for a longer time than you could have without drinking anything. Take short five minute breaks to give yourself some rest and get hydrated during it. Do not drink while running or lifting weights because that could have an adverse affect on your body. You can even put electrolytes in your water or drink to ensure that your body does not get deficient on them either.

What To Eat After Exercise?
After exercising, you just need to concentrate on two things. You need to again hydrate your body with liquids but not too much and not immediately after. You can take your time but don’t forget to do so. But what you have to eat after exercise is…protein. No other food is important and if you take in too many fats and carbohydrates it might ruin the purpose of exercising in the first place. Hence, you need to take in proteins to recover the muscle extensively used and to give it more oxygen supply. This is how athletes train and tone their body!

Exercising is a great benefit of life. Even if you are not obese and have no need to reduce weight, you should exercise. It is a wrong concept that has been developed that you need only exercise if you have to reduce fat. It helps your blood circulation, it helps you to remain fit and gets rid of the laziness and it helps to tone your body. And now you know all too well what to eat before, during and after exercising to make the experience even better and healthier for the body!


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