Introduction And Background
Diets come and go. There are new diets being designed every single day and many are on the quest to find the perfect one which can work for all. The plan behind every diet is to make the person lose as much weight as they possibly can in the shortest time without facing any nutritional deficiencies. Now, nutritionally deficiencies occur if one is not careful in the way they diet. Most people start with starving themselves which does not make them lose weight as it slows down the metabolism. We’ll discuss High Protein Diet, its advantages and disadvantages and what exactly is the mechanism behind it.


What Is High Protein Diet?
It exactly what it says it is, a diet which is high in protein. A protein rich diet is actually the most effective diet as any other nutrition can easily make us gain weight. Carbohydrates are a big no and fats are like the enemy of dieting. Proteins are not energy foods but they are very important nutritionally. In a high protein diet, a person mostly eats proteins and just a little of other things which can be found in vegetables and other things.

What Do People Have In A High Protein Diet?
Well, people usually devise their plans differently according to what kind of meat they prefer but most people stick to chicken and fish. And yes, eggs are a must for breakfast. Almost everyone has eggs for breakfast but not the whole egg, mostly egg white. The yolk is full of fat and is not to be eaten. For breakfast, egg whites will do. For lunch, it is again a piece of baked or grilled chicken which is just seasoned with salt and pepper. For dinner, it is again that but can be changed to fish if preferred. But it is a ‘high protein’ diet, not an ‘only protein’ diet. There are other things you can have too and should have such as some fruits and a cup of boiled vegetables. But mainly, your meals centre of attention is protein rich foods.

Advantages Of High Protein Diet
Here, you will read some of the advantages of a high protein diet.

  • It makes you lose weight. It is actually a lot better than most of the diets around and is definitely better than having a liposuction surgery or being obese in the first place. Many people are unaware of the fact that obesity is not something to be overlooked. It brings other diseases such as cholesterol problems, heart disease and even diabetes.
  • You can build your muscle mass when you begin to lose weight but you’ll have to do some specific exercises for that. However, having muscle weight is way better than having all that flabby fat in your body.
  • Protein deficiency is the worst deficiency. If you are deficit in proteins then the body stars to take proteins from the muscles.

Disadvantages Of High Protein Diet
The disadvantages of a high protein diet are:

  • Even though you are eating other foods as well, but they are at a minimum. Chances are high that you can face some sort of nutritional deficiency.
  • Eating a lot of proteins is not that good for the skin. There are a lot of people who did the high protein diet and ended up with pimples on their face. It is not entirely certain that this was because of the diet but it seems to be some sort of side effect of it.

The HCG Diet In Comparison
The HCG diet, we all know, is the perfect diet mechanism which has the latest designs. The HCG diet is not one of those diets which tell you to eat only a specific kind of food. Their calories may be less but their diet plan has been well thought off and has all kinds of nutrition equally. The HCG drops also do not let your metabolic rate fall which enables you to lose weight really fast. And if you’re worried that the HCG diet seems too good to be true, get this; The HCG diet does not have any side effects! All the people who have tried the HCG diet have only good things to say about it and they even mention that nothing happened after doing the diet. They did not face any severe deficiency of any sort and they were certainly all well health wise. The HCG diet is really one of the best diets to consider.

High Protein Diet used to be really famous the decade before. Everyone was doing the atkins diet and people were losing weight with it. High Protein Diet is not bad but why not choose the better option if you actually have one?

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