What Is Flexible Dieting?

Introduction And Background

Dieting is a very strange phenomenon, it keeps on teaching you new things. The oldest diet one must remember is the Atkin’s diet which was actually developed for patients who had to undergo surgeries. It quickly developed into a worldwide phenomenon, where everyone turned to protein rich foods to lose weight. Then came the carb diet and then the vegetable diet and many more diets to follow. The banana diet also gained fame for a little while before everyone decided that it wasn’t exactly healthy. There were various diets that came and went. There are various diets which are being formed right at this moment. Every single one of them run on a different ideology, on a different pattern.  The HCG diet has gained popularity too nowadays. But then again…we will talk about flexible dieting. What is it exactly?

What Is The Concept Of Flexible Dieting?
There is crash dieting, starvation and then there is flexible dieting. Flexible dieting upholds the concept to let you diet around your lifestyle and standards. For instance, you can easily go out with your friends without taking a rain check or feeling guilty. You can have the appropriate meals without thinking of your diet. But that does not mean you let go of your diet completely. You are still dieting but with a little flexibility. There is no time limit, no goal you have to quickly achieve. You might be dieting only to stay fit or to lose a few or even more than a few extra pounds. But there is no quickness, no hurry. You can give yourself a few treats now and then, miss a few exercise routines here and there.

Things You Need To Remember While On A Flexible Diet
A flexible diet is exactly what it says it is; flexible. Flexibility of the diet is actually good for you. You don’t torture yourself and you are stress free about losing weight. Here are a few things of the flexible diet that you need to know.

  • Do not think that you’ll achieve what you want in a short time and perfection of the body should be the farthest thing from your mind. Flexible diets are meant to take things slow so that you can become comfortable in your body comfortably and not by some crash course that could adversely affect your health as well.
  • You have to focus on the long term. Do not freak out if you overeat a little and you are entitled to enjoy your favourite foods once in a while. Just don’t always go overboard. For instance, once or twice a week, enjoying a nice meal with the family isn’t something that should make you shed tears over all the hard work you’ve done. Take things slow. Some say that the slower you lose weight, the harder it is to gain back. You will be doing yourself a favour!
  • Enjoy what you eat, whether it is healthy or unhealthy. Flexible diets tell you to stay away from fatty foods and to eat healthy but they have no such restrictions on having any kinds of food. You are free to make a smart decision. Humans are the most intelligent species. Everyone can easily tell what is good for them and what is bad for them.
  • Do not lose hope if you’ve eaten too much. Stick to your diet. This is the beauty of being flexible. You don’t stop dieting yet you don’t feel guilty either. As said above, this is the long term dieting that one needs to learn to do. It is one of the best things.
  • Flexible diet looks at your calories. You will have to keep a check on your calories, no matter what you eat. It could be a juicy fat burger or it could be a mountain of vegetables, but you have to keep a certain check on the calories.

Exercise and staying fit is a part of every diet, and what every diet aims to achieve. You cannot let go of exercise, even in the flexible diet. You will be allowed to have your own set of hours and you can skip sometimes which is what being flexible is all about.

The best diets are the ones which allow you breathing room and some time. Crash diets might pull your stomach in or get rid of that momentary double chin but they will always have some kind of affect on your health which will not be good. Hence, the flexible diet aims to fix just that. It also suits the lifestyle of most people who want to go out and who enjoy a nice meal once in a while. They can do this diet without feeling even the least possible guilt.


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