Introduction And Background

What do people really mean when they talk about controlling their diet or trying to go on a diet. To Diet does not specifically mean to lose weight. Dieting however, is all about weight loss. When you understand the difference, then you’ll know what people really mean when they’re talking about diet or dieting.

All About Your Diet

Ever since we’re all little, we keep hearing about having a healthy diet. What does it really mean? Your diet is the food you eat. It is the nutrition that you intake on a daily basis. Your diet is a very important part of your life. If it is not healthy, a lot of problems arise. The problems can be health, growth or development related. For instance, those who do not have enough protein in their diet are likely to develop heart or muscle problems later in life. And those who do not have sufficient Vitamins and minerals in their diet will have to face stunted growth and slow development. In this way, the diet you eat really plays a big role in your daily activities and everything else.

All About Dieting

Dieting is, on the other hand, an exercise. Dieting means to ‘control’ the diet you are having. It is a means of losing the pounds that have been stored excessively in the body. It is mostly for obese people who are way above their average body weight. Losing weight is not just about looking good. Being obese is not good for health and cause problems such as diabetes, heart problems, and blood pressure problems as well as cholesterol problems among many others. Hence, dieting is not just a teenage girl phenomenon because they want to look like something out of a fashion magazine. It is also a remedy for obesity, and probably the only one. Let’s not take liposuction into account.


Different Types Of Diet

Since most of the world is in a dilemma to lose weight, there are different diets that can help them overcome the disease of obesity. The diets are designed in a way that they are suited to what your requirement is and what would suit your daily routine. In these times, there are various new diets that keep coming up. You’ll pick up a magazine and there would be the latest kind of diet in it. However, if you notice the pattern, they all come down to the same thing; reducing your food intake. There are several diets listed below with just a little detail to give you an idea of your choices.
• The Vegetarian Diet
This diet is famous mostly in the Asian part of the world where there are many who do not eat meat or poultry. The vegetarian diet is really healthy and consists of salads and vegetables (no potatoes or carrots). It helps in a strong weight loss and keeps the person in good physical shape as well.

• The Atkins Diet
It is just the opposite of the vegetarian diet. It is the diet in which you have only meat and small amounts of vegetables on the side. The Atkins diet is famous for getting rid of the fat and building muscle instead and is perfect for athletes and sportive people who want to stay in shape. The Atkins diet, however, is not for a limited time and usually lasts more than two months. There is also vigorous exercise involved.

• The 21-Day Rotational Diet
This diet was the rave about more than a decade ago and it still is considered one of the most effective and strong way of losing weight. It does not have only meat or only vegetables but a sufficient amount of both. It also has fruits and milk but everything keeps rotating weekly and the amount is less, just enough to provide healthy nutrition to your body. The exercise is mostly daily walks.


• The HCG diet
This is the newest diet on the block and is fast gaining popularity and rightfully so. The HCG diet does not depend on the food you eat but rather on the metabolism rate at which you body works. You take hormone homeopathic drops that are pretty harmless since your body already has them. They make your metabolism work at fast speeds and the weight loss is quicker than anybody can possibly imagine. There are also no side effects involved. Of course, the food intake is also below a certain calorie limit but if you want to lose weight really quickly, this is the safest way to do it.



There is a big difference between dieting and keeping your diet right. It is better not to confuse the two and end up being malnourished. Keeping your diet healthy and keeping it right is the best thing to do, even if you are dieting. Of course, obesity is dangerous and needs to be rid off but do not rush things and end up putting your body in starvation mode. Eat all the foods, but in limited amounts.


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