Introduction And Background

Dieting. This word has got everyone in trouble. Dieting has actually become more of a trend than an actual way to lose weight. Even a thin person who really has no need of dieting is trying to lose weight some way or the other. Everyone wants to become ultra thin, not just fit and slim. This is bound to cause a lot of troubles with the upcoming generation. Some people are way more obese while others are way too thin. There is no ‘healthy’ anymore. It seems like a race between two far extremes.


The Atkins Diet
The basic mechanism behind the Atkins diet is that you have to have a low carbohydrates intake. That is the most basic thing you have to do for the Atkins diet. You can have certain foods which have a little of carbohydrates but that is about it. Most people think of it as a high protein diet but proteins are not the only things you are allowed to have. You can eat other things too, as long as they are not high in carbs and are not that fattening. Even cheese is allowed in some cases!


How Helpful Is The Atkins Diet?
The Atkins diet was actually devised by Robert Atkins from a research paper done thoroughly and has been proven to be one of the most successful diets that have come across in recent times. Most people are under the misconception that eating only meat and poultry means you are on the Atkins diet. This is not true. The true form of Atkins diet can only be accomplished if thorough planned out dieting is done. Then only will the Atkins diet be really helpful. It has been proven that people lose a lot of weight with the Atkins diet and most of them have actually considered telling about this. There have been novels and stories and even books published on the Atkins diet. No one talks about a diet so much if there was nothing to talk about. There was also a diet called ‘Miski’ which appeared in Asia but disappeared as fast as it had come. It did not work at all and was a fluke rather than being a proper diet. This only further goes to prove that the Atkins diet is certainly something to think about.


Is The Atkins Diet Healthy?
Not having an important nutritional element at all is certainly not healthy. But you are forgetting that the Atkins is a ‘low carb’ diet, not an ‘no carb’ diet. This means that carbohydrates can be taken but in very few amounts, only to be sufficient to the cause of fulfilling the basic needs of the body. Dieting is not a very healthy thing to do if one is already fit and slim but it can be done at times to maintain that weight. Nonetheless, a lot of people do Atkins because they find it is easy and it is a healthier diet compared to others which are present.


Is The Atkins Diet Safe?
The Atkins diet is safe if you do it properly but then again, many people do not find anything to eat without carbohydrates in them except for meaty stuff. This can lead to problems as eating too much meat is not exactly good for the body. Meat is good, but too much of it…it is better not to do that. Follow the Atkins diet safely and there will be no harm whatsoever to come along. If you decide to make your own Atkins diet, well then no one can vouch for that, can they!


The HCG Diet
This is another diet which is fast gaining popularity and might even cross that of the Atkins diet pretty soon. Even Oprah Winfrey is talking about it! The HCG diet does not work like the Atkins diet at all but it is also a very safe diet, probably safer than the Atkins. The HCG diet has absolutely no side effects. The ones who have done the diet have supported this claim and are actually very happy. There are also other perks present. For one, you do not have to exercise in the HCG diet. Strenuous exercise workouts are actually forbidden in this diet since the weight loss process is hindered this way! And what is more, you are allowed to have carbohydrates but at a very limited amount. Nonetheless, the HCG diet has incredibly fast weight loss. You can lose weight way faster than on the Atkins diet!


Diets are diets. Even if they are different, their essential benefit will be the same; lose weight and get rid of obesity. With the HCG diet or the Atkins diet, the purpose is the same. The way or the path to that purpose is different.

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