What Are Planks? And What Are Their Benefits?

Introduction And Background
In the olden days, people would either jog or run as a means of exercise and might do push ups as well along with sit ups but that was the extent of it. There was nothing else there. Nowadays, exercise is like a whole new education system! There are different exercises for every body part now, for toning or for muscle developing or for losing weight. You have the option now of choosing an exercise and they have different names too. Sometimes it does get confusing because one cannot really remember what the exercise was called, even if they know how to do it. In this article, you will read about the exercise called ‘planks’, how to do it and what their benefits are. Read on further and ensure that you don’t forget what planks are and how to do them and what they are for!

What Are Planks?
Planks are considered to be an exercise that can get rid of belly fat and tighten the muscles around the stomach to give a flatter look. However, they can also affect the muscles of the legs, hips and shoulder too. You must have heard a lot about this exercise in gym circles and almost everyone who wants a flatter stomach try it out and see instant results, at least within three days. Most brides and grooms turn to this exercise when they want to get into better shape before their wedding. Grooms especially are worried about the flab on their stomach because that is where men most likely store fat. Thus, planks help them a lot before their big day!

How To Do Planks?
Understanding how to do planks is not that hard. It is the doing part that is hard. Believe it or not, as easy as this exercise looks the most you’ll be able to do it on your first day is from thirty seconds to one minute if not any less than that. Those who are fitter and are in the habit of exercising might be able to do it longer. But it is hard. You have to lie down on your forearms and on your toes and then lift your body up, putting weight only on your elbows and your toes. You cannot bend; your body has to be completely straight in the air. You will feel the pressure on the muscles around your waist as well as the muscles on your back.

The Benefits Of Planks
Planks has quite a lot of benefits. This exercise is definitely one you won’t let go of once you find out how amazing it is and how much it can help you in so short a time. Read the benefits here:

  • Weight loss around the abdominal region as well as muscle strengthening and tightening is the first benefit that you should know as it is the most motivating as well. People have claimed to have results in two to three days if they are doing it right. And other than that, the muscles in the abdominal region play a major role in other exercises as well such as stretching and weight lifting. If you do planks, you can lift more weights in the future than you can now. That is how amazing they are! Imagine how happy the people who do planks must be! You can be too.
  • It is an exercise you can do right at home, in your own room. You can do it in the office as well or at your friend’s house even if that is where you are going to be all day. That’s the best part, you can do it anywhere. All you need is a flat surface and your own strength that is all. The surface should be a little soft though otherwise your elbows really begin to hurt after a bit if the surface you are doing planks on is really hard.
  • You are providing a lot of support to your back this way by strengthening it. That means that you are less likely to get any spinal injuries in the near future which could really be great for you because injuries to the back and spinal cord may take a long time to heal or may never heal at all.
  • There is a boost in your metabolism rate, did you know that? Well, you know it now!
  • Planks also improve your posture and your body flexibility also increases. You will feel the difference after a few weeks.

As you can clearly see, doing planks have their benefits and once you start doing them and get into the habit of it, you won’t let go. And doing planks does not even take that long a time. Most people only give ten to fifteen minutes of their day to planks.

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