The biggest question most people have is, “Will I maintain my weight loss?” After all, many of us have lost weight only to find it creep right back up again. With the hCG diet, most people maintain their weight loss.


During the time you are following a very low calorie diet and taking the hCG hormone, your body is making big changes. You’ll find that you aren’t as hungry, that your tastes have changed, and that you’re feeling more energetic than before.


This is a great time to institute lifestyle changes that will help you to keep off the weight for good. For many people this comes naturally as a result of following the diet plan for a course of several weeks.


You may also find that having lost weight you have more energy to exercise. When you are finished with a course of the hCG diet, you may want to add exercise to your program. In Chapter Five we’ll discuss how to handle an exercise program.


Most people who follow this plan do keep the weight off. If you’re one of the few who starts to see the scale go back up, you can always follow another course of the program and focus more on lifestyle changes as you enter the maintenance phase.

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