Water – The Perfect Diet Drink

Introduction and background

While many are unaware of this fact, water is, indeed, a perfect diet drink that fits all the criteria of dieticians, researchers and weight loss experts because of many reasons.  The following article is intended to discuss various salient features of water as a diet diet drinks and also highlight some of its time-tested benefits. Read on to discover below:


Why water is considered as a diet drink?

The following reasons will help you understand why water is considered as a diet drink.


Water is a zero-calorie drink

Believe it or not, but it’s true. Water contains no calories. So drink as much water as you can and it will not cause weight gain. For the same reason, a normal adult person is supposed to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day for health and nutrition reasons.


Water is the best appetite suppressant

Studies and clinical trials have now proved it that water acts as a potent appetite suppressant. It does so  because of the following main reasons:

1- Many times, our impulse for eating more is because of the fact that we are “actually” feeling “thirsty” and not hungry. However, because of our food addictions or habits, we are inclined to “eat” something. However, if we drink water instead, it will curb our appetite significantly.

2- Water fills our stomach and occupies a great space inside. This results in lesser available storage space for food. This feeling of fullness tricks the appetite centre present in our brain that we are already full and do not really need to eat more. As a result, we eat less. This lesser eating leads to fewer calorie consumption (reduced calorie input) which is necessary for losing weight.


Water can be a part of any diet menu / recipe

No diet menu, schedule or recipe is complete without water. And this where the true beauty of water as a genuine diet drink comes.  Be it a Dr. Atkin’s diet, South Beach diet or even the newly emerging “HCG diet”, it would not work without water. Therefore, this “suitability” of water for becoming an essential part of any diet regimen is also one of its greatest benefits.


Water cleanses our digestive system

Water cleanses, refreshes, hydrates and rejuvenates almost all of our body systems including skin, urinary system, digestive system and respiratory system.  For digestive system, in particular,  it ensures food is metabolised and then absorbed into the blood stream rapidly and smoothly. while the unwanted bulk of the nitrogenous waste is excreted timely through defecation. Hence, in a way, regular water intake also helps you avoid constipation and improve your digestion.


Does water with HCG diet?

As mentioned above, water can be easily added to ANY diet menus including HCG diet. The HCG diet essentially works on the principle that HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Hormone, when taken by both men and women in smaller quantities helps them burn their excess fat and hence, that’s how, they can lose weight effectively. For this objective, a specific HCG diet is recommended which, when taken along with the high quality homoeopathic HCG drops, can help one lose weight within the minimum time frame.  Fortunately, many experiments have shown that drinking about 8 to 10 glasses of water while you are on a typical HCG diet menu will actually speed up the overall effect of the HCG diet. hence, drinking water as a part of the HCG diet regimen actually improves your chances of success.



All in all, water is a great zero-calorie diet drink that can perfectly act as an appetite-suppressant and an essential part of any diet regimen such as that of an HCG diet. Therefore, increase your daily water consumption because it has no harms but will actually increase your chances of achieving permanent success in your weight loss journey.

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