Introduction And Background
There is something that we often ignore or take for granted. It is one of the biggest things that can help us during our dieting days, especially if we want to control our appetite and somehow be content with the little food that we are having for our large tummies. That one thing is water. Water is the food of life literally without which there will be many problems and people can actually die without this liquid. Dehydration is a serious condition which has to be dealt with immediately at hospitals and even at homes. But that is not what we are here to talk about. This article will aim to explain how exactly water can be an excellent tummy fuller, how to use it and how it can reduce your appetite naturally!

How To Utilize Water?
The question that will come to your mind is how exactly can you utilize water? Well, it really is very easy. All you have to do is develop a habit that will save you from eating a lot of food. The habit is that you have to have a glass of water about ten to fifteen minutes before having a meal. Do not have it immediately before a meal because that is somewhat unhealthy. Ensure that you give a gap. If ten to fifteen minutes seem like a lot to you, even five minutes would do. The point here is to drink water before you have your meal. Now how will that work out for you? Your stomach has a capacity. It is a certain size and you cannot eat more than that. You can only eat more if you extend your stomach and no one would do that when they are trying to lose weight or are trying to control their appetite. Now, when you have water before a meal, you are already filling up half the stomach with water. It means that there is automatically less space for the food you eat which in the end means that you will become content sooner. Do not overdo yourself and allow yourself to eat only that much which gives you contentment.

A Word Of Caution
Always drink water before a meal and not after. Drinking water before a meal aids you in digesting the food, fills up the stomach so that you automatically eat less and also freshens you up and saves you from the aspect of dehydrating yourself. Drinking water after a meal is bad for you. Not only will it extend your stomach further because one feels  a little thirsty after a meal and it does not matter how much you’ve eaten, you keep on drinking water and that usually ends up in you extending the stomach size. That is dangerous for your health as well as for your appetite. It will also hinder the digestion process that has started in your stomach. You should drink water before a meal and having a few sips while eating is also fine. Just don’t gulp down water when you’re finished! At least wait for thirty minutes or an hour after you are finished eating to even think of having water.

Appetite Suppression With Water
Did you know that one of the best techniques of appetite suppression is to drink water before eating? No wonder it is called an excellent tummy fuller! You are filling yourself up with one liquid that gives you no calories, is amazing for your health as well as your skin and will also keep you fresh and alert. There is no better way to quench your thirst and to provide yourself with an excellent natural appetite suppressant. Appetite suppression is really important. If you have ever tried to diet, you will know how essential it is for your diet to be successful. All you want during your diet is to suppress the appetite and be content with the food that you are having without feeling as if you want more and still have hunger pangs. Water can help you to get that feeling. Of course, it will take time, it’s not like you can have water before a single meal and then expect that your appetite will be suppressed in a day’s time. It is a process that does take time. Give it four to five days at least.

Usually in diets, people have problems with liquids too and not just solid food. Some diets will say that drinking milk will also hinder your weight loss process even though it is a healthy drink and one should have it. Some diets will say though fruit juices are good for health, they are not something that one should have in a diet because they are carbs and have calories. Water is a drink that no one ever has a problem with. So drink all you want!

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