Introduction and Background

While fat is important in our body for various functions including tissue repair, regulating arteries and veins of heart and building of strong bones it is the confusion between good and bad fat that adds to obesity. Particularly for dieters who indulge in crash diet should be fully aware of what kind of fat they are consuming. Basically, fat isn’t our enemy and rather is a friend that absorbs Vitamin A, D and E crucial for the functioning of brain and entire nervous system. In some cases especially among women fat reduces heart related ailments drastically. Isn’t that interesting to know? Why healthy fat is needed in the body is that they secure against growth of plaque in the arteries and raise HDL cholesterol.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that fat just like other nutrients is actually needed by our body and an absolute elimination from your dieting regime might lead to severe health hazards in the long run.

Now why bad fat should be avoided completely in dieting is that it would unknowingly increase cholesterol, risk of heart problems, insomnia and high blood pressures, deposit fat in various parts of the body making you appear unusually obese. Some fats that are good like omega-3 fats found in almonds and walnut are crucial to one’s mental, physical, psychological , emotional well being and overall health.

Dieting itself means having everything in proper and accurate portion so that body isn’t deprived of any important nutrients and since body needs fat, selecting the healthy fat is the key to weight loss.

In fact, a healthy fat play a huge role in helping you manage your moods, boost your immune system, create good resistance in the body, keeps you mentally alert and active, reduces tiredness and most importantly monitors your weight.

It is important to know your body type which includes your age, height and weight before deciding upon a dieting plan. Once a diet that also includes healthy fat like beacon or certain fruits suits your body, you can obviously continue with it.

The best solution lies in not eliminating fat for your diet absolutely but opting for healthy choices replacing bad fats with healthy fats that sustain your weight lost during dieting. Now you would be curious to know what food items contain healthy and unsaturated fat. Well, let’s take a look at the following food items.

Eating Avocados: These help lose weight when practising a strict dieting regime, but most of the fat in an avocado is monounsaturated, which is extremely good for heart as it lowers bad cholesterol. You can apply avocadoes slices along with butter or cream cheese on your sandwich.

Use of eggs is also advisable when following a crash diet. Eggs are an easy source of protein. People often think eggs whites are a healthier option than whole eggs because they contain less fat, and while it’s true that the egg yolk does have fat but its actually saturated, it’s also packed with other important nutrients. Studies have proved that regular egg consumption improves your heart rate and its functioning.

Yet another healthy fat is Olive oil and it is considered the most recommended oil for a healthy lifestyle. This is because olive oil reduces the risk of heart disease, blood pressure and certain types of cancer. However, moderation in its usage is the key to check your weight. Various studies and researches done by Scientists have established the fact that cooking with heart-healthy olive oil and using it for salads reduces chances of stroke too.

And yes how can you forget to include nuts in your diet, the safest option. They have all the key nutrients you can imagine of. While Almonds, are high in vitamin E; walnuts contain Omega-3 fatty acid that are crucial for a good eye sight and strengthening of bones.


If you are seeking diet that kills your appetite then choosing heavy cream on your coffee is not a bad option. One mug of coffee with whipped cream is fulfilling and will make you less hungry thought the day during dieting.

And then there is peanut butters, another source of healthy fats. All of these nuts and butters boost protein and vitamin to increase your energy, stamina and also the fibre intake. In addition, one can also eat dark chocolates which are good source of antioxidants and unsaturated fat. They boost one’s mood and increase certain hormones like Testosterone in the body that makes one happy.

Last but not the least how can you not remember sea foods that’s so high on protein, these are the healthiest and most delicious foods offered by the sea. All kinds of Fish are full of omega-3 fatty acids beneficial for heart, eyesight and reduction of hair fall.


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