Understandings the basis of organic food

Introduction and background

Today, much has been talked about organic diet and organic foods. With the recent advancements in herbal, botanical and natural sciences, researchers are more and more inclining towards the advocacy of organic foods, including grains, fruits and vegetables as compared to inorganic or junk food. This article is intended to provide you with basics of organic food. Read on to discover more:

What is organic food?

By its very definition, organic food can be defined as the purely natural food that grows without the use or hormones, pesticides, insecticides or crops enhancers or chemicals. Furthermore, no special preservatives are used and no artificial flavours are added to enhance the taste, flavour or expiry date.

More importantly, no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are used in production, growth or farming of any type of organic food or diet items.

Key benefits of organic foods – What benefits does organic food occur?

Organic food is generally considered safer than the ordinary / commonly available food because no pesticides or hormonal injections are used to grow more crops or obtain more foods.

Organic food is considered healthier as there is no use of genetically modified crops or organisms in its production or cultivation

Regular and prolong use of organic diet, according to trials and research, can reduce the risk of occurrence of several lethal or fatal diseases such as diabetes, obesity and coronary artery disease. The reader is encouraged to search studies on this topic.

Users’ testimonials and surveys show that organic foods actually taste better as compared to common / ordinary food items. Some even claim that they are easily and quickly digested and, hence, supply more fibre and help one get rid of the chronic issues such as irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) or constipation or even chronic diarrhoea.

Finally, organic foods are fast becoming a status symbol or an indicator of elite or higher socioeconomic classes or groups. A lot of media hype has been created about the same and more and more people are now considering at least adding organic items as a part of their everyday / routine diet.

Examples of organic food items

  • Some of the frequently occurring organic food items / products include:
  • Organic meat (chicken, pork, mutton, beef etc.,)
  • Organic dairy (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, butter etc.,)
  • Organic cereals (rice, crackers, oatmeal, wheat etc.,)
  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Organic honey

Drawbacks / pitfalls of organic food

Expensive: The most talked-about issue with the continued, regular use of organic food is that of high costs of purchase. Adding organic food or diet as a permanent part of your kitchen can tremendously increase your home budget.

Availability: Additionally, organic food products might not be easily within the reach of consumers and, at times, they have to struggle a lot to find the organic food item they are looking for.

Lack of diversity: While organic foods can be of many types as mentioned above, the real issue is their “availability” in diversity in the stores or food marts. Today, many giant grocery stores do have separate food bunkers or shelves specifically reserved for organic food. However, not all types or organic food items are available all the time.


All in all, it has been now proved that organic food does offer several benefits over typical inorganic or junk food that is commonly available and consumed. However, it does have its own pitfalls as well like lack of diversity, issue of easy availability and, of course, the high costs of purchase. What really makes it more distinct is the fact that unlike genetically modified food (GMF), there are no alterations in the genetic make-up or genotype of the seeds or crops or organisms. Therefore, no risk of diseases has been so far identified even with the prolong use of organic food. If you are on dieting and using a special regimen such as HCG diet and drops, the good news is that you can confidently use organic food while on dieting. In fact, it will actually help you lose weight progressively and for long term. Quite a few good HCG drops are available online now which are considered safe, economical and highly efficient for quick yet sustained weight loss and fat burning.

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