Introduction And Background

Dieting is difficult, everyone gets that. It is hard to control the temptations of the specific foods you love and most of them turn out to be the very things that are responsible for making you fat in the first place. But as the saying goes, we just can’t help it! But men and women all around; know this. You cannot lose weight unless you go on a diet. That is the simple fact. In this article, we will be discussing the famous South Beach Diet and how it approaches the weight loss problem. Read on further to see what kind of diet it is and what you have to do in it. Your other questions that you might have about this specific diet will be answered to.

Development Of The South Beach Diet
This diet was actually developed by a cardiologist and a nutritionist who experts in dieting. Not getting into any names, all you should know is that the diet was thoroughly researched before it was developed. The designers accidentally came upon this diet as it was originally a diet which was developed for heart patients so that their heart disease was prevented. The thing with the South Beach diet is, it does not cut out on any nutrition foods. It does not tell you to stay off carbs or fats completely. It tells you what kind of carbs and fats to eat!

Understanding The South Beach Diet
The South Beach Diet ensures that you overcome the hunger pangs, lose weight and lose it at a quicker pace than usual and also ensures that weight gain after weight loss is history! It can give a good enough promise that the weight loss around the first two weeks will be about eight to twelve pounds! Everyone mostly agrees that this is a healthy diet and does not leave you deficit in anything. It has three phases and each phase has specific instructions. The phases are talked about below:

  • PHASE 1
    Phase 1 of the diet has to deal with restrictions. It has the most. If you can get through phase 1, the other two phases will not be very difficult for you. You are not allowed to have rice, any kind of pasta or bread, any fruit and any potatoes. These foods are forbidden for the phase 1 of the diet. Phase 1 basically tells you to concentrate on the foods which carry a lot of protein content. You are allowed to eat meat, fish and poultry. Cheese is allowed. Some oils are also allowed for example avocado and canola oil. Fruits are good but they are not allowed in phase 1 so do not have them, even if you feel as if they are healthy and won’t cause you to gain weight. You are supposed to lay off the forbidden foods, or the forbidden fruit in this scenario.
  • PHASE 2
    This is less strict than phase 1 as some of the foods that were restricted are now gradually allowed in this phase. You can eat rice, pasta and bread but they are supposed to be whole grained. Fruits are also allowed now. The weight loss speed will reduce somewhat but you’ll be gaining on nutritional balance which was lacking a little in the first phase. Sweet potatoes are also eaten in this phase. Basically, the high protein foods don’t have to be maintained and you can revert to these foods which you couldn’t have in phase 1.
  • PHASE 3
    This phase is not about foods or what you can eat and cannot eat. Phase 3 mostly has to do with weight maintenance. The weight you have lost, you have to maintain it. Do not gain it back. There are no specific lists to go on. After working hard, by the time you reach this particular phase you’ll be well educated on the good foods and the bad and you’ll know what it’s like to reduce weight. You will be careful with your appetite and that is all that is required in this phase. Some people say that if there is trouble with this phase, one should turn back a step and enter again into either phase 1 or phase 2.

South Beach Diet And The Heart
As said before, this diet was initially developed for heart patients. It has good effects on the heart and also lowers the cholesterol level. This diet is beneficial for the cardiovascular region and maintaining weight or eating the right foods is generally good for health.

The South Beach Diet has a proper book even in which a lot of details about the diet have been given. This diet is actually quite safe and a lot of people have good things to say about it. It is not that difficult to do either and just takes some determination to do.


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