Introduction And Background

There are so many words that comes to one’s mind when ‘crash diet’ is mentioned. Some automatically frown and say it is the unhealthiest thing on this planet and that one should never do it. Some think about the weight of the person who is doing crash dieting, wondering why they let it get to this level that crash dieting was needed. Some wonder why the time slot is so little that one has to crash diet to lose weight. All these things are interlinked to understand crash dieting and why people actually do it. And all three things have a valid point. If we have to understand crash dieting, we have to understand these three things first.

Crash Dieting – The Unhealthy Side
The word crash dieting means that you are literally not having anything to eat. You refrain from everything and anything and eat very little which is generally not upto the mark and leaves you with a lot of nutritional deficiencies. Not only has that, crash dieting also extensively proven to cause a lot of backaches! Why is that? When your calcium level in bone deposits drops because the body requires it and you are not getting it, things become a little bad and your spine suffers due to that. Hence, crash dieting has a lot of unhealthy sides which one does not really think about until the unhealthy effects start to sink in. It is unhealthy and affects one really badly. One can get anemia due to crash dieting, one can experience a lot of hair fall and not only that but sometimes you also lose skin color and become pale or sallow. Thus, for all those who care about their beauty and do not want to become weak all of a sudden, crash dieting is not for them. Even if you are overweight, consider your options because crash dieting should be on the last slot!

Crash Dieting – To Make Up For Obesity
Some people eat all they want and then think that they can crash diet later on and make up for weight they have gained. This is a very unhealthy practice and it makes your weight fluctuate a lot which is definitely not good for the body or for the skin. The skin becomes loose all of a sudden and people can also experience menstrual problems along with hair fall if their weight fluctuates a lot and they do not maintain a positive environment. Crash dieting is not really needed for obesity, one can diet the normal way. Otherwise, you might see your skin sag a little from places or your fat might droop at different places. You can do the other normal diet to lose weight if you have the time, or do you not have it? This takes us to the next problem that makes crash dieting come about.

Crash Dieting – No time
Often men and women start to crash diet because the time is really less for them to lose weight. Maybe they have a job interview and want to look good or maybe there is a wedding coming up and they have to lose weight for that. They want to look and it only leaves them with one option – crash dieting. At that particular point no one really cares about the side effects to crash dieting, all anyone wants to do is lose weight and get on with it. This can cause a lot of problems actually but the problem remains that the you only see the effects after a lot of time when the damage has been done. And what’s more, the person becomes really irritable during that time because crash dieting is not an easy thing to do. You are staying off food completely except the necessary bit and the hunger cravings are driving you insane. You might lose pounds quickly this way until your metabolism slows up a little and then the weight loss becomes a little slow too. People often start to eat normally again for a day or two so that their metabolism speeds up a little!

Everyone understands crash dieting but few think about why crash dieting happened in the first place. There are various reasons to it, one might even be undergoing surgery and since they have to have an empty stomach a crash diet is essential for them. Nonetheless, these three reasons are the main ones for why people crash diet. If they can stop thinking about these reasons and accommodate a diet in a longer period of time with all the necessary stuff so that no nutritional deficiency occurs, then there is no need to crash diet! And if you are going to crash diet then at least have good lean protein and vitamin supplements daily!


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