Introduction And Background
You might have heard the terms BMI a lot if you are every trying to figure out whether you come in the fat range or the average range or whether or not you come in the category of being underweight as well. BMI helps to figure these things out and it hold a lot of significance in dieting actually. Read the article and figure out more about Body Mass Index, which is what BMI stands for actually, and you’ll get to know a lot more about it, including the categorization as well!

What Is Body Mass Index?
Body Mass Index is in actual terms, a value. The value is taken when the mass of a person is divided by the square root of the person’s height. This formula is used to define where a person’s standard weight should fall if they are of a certain height. Say, a person who is about five feet four inches tall should be less than sixty kilograms and more than fifty to fall into a category of being the perfect weight. If they are less than fifty kilograms, they are underweight and if they are more than sixty kilograms, they are overweight. Anywhere in-between would be defined as perfect. But that is not exactly how Body Mass Index terms are used. The terms are often used not in kilograms or telling the weight, the body mass index when calculated comes out to be a certain number. The range is from 0 to 40 mostly. Anything below 15 is considered to be severely underweight and anything over 40 is considered to be extremely overweight. So this helps if you are confused about where you lie, your BMI will make things a lot clearer to you!

Significance In Dieting Of Body Mass Index
Now that you understand Body Mass Index, you must be thinking about its significance in dieting. Well, it holds a lot of significance. Here is how your BMI will be able to help you in matters of dieting:

  • First of all, it can actually help you to decide whether you should diet or not. Sometimes people, for no reason at all, think that they are overweight and need to lose weight. They go on a diet, affecting their health as well as their BMI which is perfectly fine. If they actually check it before deciding a diet, it can actually tell them that they fall into a perfect category and there is really no use to start dieting when one does not need it all all.
  • A significant role that BMI plays in dieting is also being able to calculate for you how much you really need to lose! Yes, BMI does that for you. There are many calculators available online which can actually tell you your BMI and also tell you how much you should lose and what category do you fall in. If you are very obese, it will tell you to lose that much and if you need to just lose a little, it will also tell you about that. Using BMI is really helpful in trying to understand and figure out where you lie in the world’s weight.
  • BMI is also good for models dieting. Sometimes, models think that they are extremely overweight even though they are thinner than a lot of thin people! If they work out their BMI, it will probably make things easier for them and they won’t require dieting or feel the need to starve themselves.

A Fun Fact…
Speaking of models, did you know that in about two to three countries, models are hired according to their BMI? And did you know that any in many countries, they have stopped using size zero models and have actually stated that they will not use a model with a BMI of under eighteen! If you remember, in this article, it was mentioned that anything below fourteen is severely underweight. Thus, models should better watch out. They wouldn’t want to be too thin in such countries now, would they? The Body Mass Index is a pretty good method devised to tell you exactly where you stand.

Don’t think of it as some sort of mathematical equation that probably does not understand you. It is simply calculating your Body Mass Index and helping you to understand your weight better and where the situation lies. It can also help compare that at your age, what is the ideal weight for your height so that you can diet according to that as well. BMI calculators are freely available all over the internet so you will not have any trouble calculating your BMI. But the thing is, you should understand its significance, especially in helping you diet and know your weight.

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