Introduction and background

The HCG diet is a comprehensive medical breakthrough in the weight loss industry. Lately this diet has been growing more and more as the place to turn to when trying to lose weight with minimal effort. Reports show repeatedly over and over that people sticking to the diet will lose 1-2 pounds a day. Well what happens when you don’t lose that pound, what happens when you don’t lose anything for several days? The information contained below is meant to help those that have been on the diet before to determine the reasons of any struggles that could persist through taking the HCG diet drops along with the 500-calorie diet.


(1) Cheating

Simply put, it’s cheating on the diet. What if your intake of calories was 700 instead of 500? Even though it is such a small amount what this forces your body to do is now that you are producing 700 calories your body shifts to start pulling your energy from your calories again. The whole purpose of the HCG diet is to shift the bodies’ efforts to pull your energy from stored fat deposits. Even if you’re just slightly above the 500-calorie intake then it will change the source on where the body will pull its energy.


(2) The wrong types of calories and proteins

When on the HCG diet we commonly see the word protein and immediately think steak, pork, beef, and other meats high in fat content. While it is ok to have these in extremely small rations it should not be looked at as a main course because of the volume of fat content found in these types of meats. When thinking of main courses for proteins in our meals, fish, chicken, and lean slices of beef become much better and healthier method along with providing our bodies an easier job to burn the stored fat we are trying to shed.


(3) Constipation

One of the most common side effects of the HCG diet is constipation. When we don’t lose weight for several days and we aren’t using the bathroom as often this could be to blame and it is recommended that while on the HCG diet that natural colon cleansing methods are applied regularly to promote the body to pass our stools.


(4) Lack of consistency

Whether it is with taking our HCG diet drops or calorie intake, lack of consistency is probably one of the most common reasons of people not to lose weight on the HCG diet. When the menu calls for a 1 serving of vegetables, 1 serving of fruit, and a protein we often substitute other foods to fill in for the ones we don’t want. Or we succumb to our temptations and substitute another fruit instead of the vegetable. The body demands a specific balance and any deficiency will force the body to pull its energy from other sources. For example, fruits have a large amount of natural sugar. If we double up on the natural amount of sugar then the body will begin to shift to pull our energy from that source, as a result our body will burn through it very quickly and then as a result we will start to get hungry, and our body will demand a higher intake of calories.


(5) Not using a proper HCG supplement

It cannot be stressed enough. Even the most recommended and well balanced HCG diet protocol will not work alone until and unless it is combined with some safe and potent HCG supplementation. Common types of HCG supplementation include HCG injections, HCG pills and HCG drops. Thanks to the advancements in the field of homeopathy, HCG homeopathic drops have literally taken the HCG supplement industry by storm. Because of their enormous benefits such as affordability, safety (no side effects), potency (effectiveness) and speed of action, HCG homeopathic drops can rightly be called as the most effective form of HCG diet supplementation. If chosen wisely and according to the recommended criteria, HCG drops will not only help you lose those excess fatty pounds but will also help you maintain and ideal body shape and figure on permanent basis.



Last but not least, remember, our body while on the HCG diet is in a state of deficiency, if the balance is knocked off even just a little bit for one day, it can throw off the results by a large amount for days to come. The best way of utilizing, strengthening and getting the maximum out of your HCG diet plan is combining it with some of the safest and time-tested recommended HCG diet drops. The following comparison chart will definitely help you finding the most suitable and safest HCG drops that will help you lose weight and maintain it effectively in the long run without any side effects or health risks.

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