Introduction And Background
When one thinks of vegetables, the automatic thought that enters the head is that all vegetables are low calorie meals and that it is okay to have all of them. While most vegetables do not have any fattening motives in your body, it is better to know which the top low calorie vegetables for cooking are. Potato is also a vegetable but one cannot eat that while dieting because everyone knows that potatoes are high in carbs and starch and have fattening tendencies, especially when fried – baked potatoes are still acceptable. This article will aim to tell you about low calorie vegetables that you can have in the house and eat to your hearts content without worrying that it will put on any weight in your body or store fat.

They are a definite top of the lost for low calorie vegetables and very few people would actually try to cook cucumbers, they’re much better raw. You can sprinkle some olive oil on them for taste or just cook them a little bit on the pan but mostly people around the world like cucumbers cold and in salads. An entire cucumber has next to thirty calories and is very fulfilling because of the high fiber content and the cellulose present in them. If you are looking for low calorie vegetables, do not miss out on this one!

This is again a vegetable that is not cooked a lot but is more or less sprinkled with a little oil or there is no need for that even because lettuce is really crispy and crunchy and that is what is enjoyed the most. However, this very low calorie vegetable is cooked with other vegetables in a mixed vegetable dish, used in salads or used in burgers as well as a layer. It all depends on where you want to use it but you can fix in lettuce literally anywhere!

Gone are the olden times where the population would think that eating too many carrots can actually turn a person red. Carrots do have beta carotene in them but that does not turn a person completely red! On the other hand, carrots have a lot of vitamins and minerals in them and are extremely fulfilling. They too are used in a lot of foods and are even eaten raw and is a personal favorite for many.

While many may not have heard of this particular vegetable, after reading about it you will definitely wonder why. Watercress is probably the vegetable with the least amount of calories, giving about four to five calories in a cup. They are leaves that are crunchy and if you develop a taste for them, you’ll pretty soon be sprinkling them on anything you cook! They not only are low in calories but are actually filled with antioxidants which is again something that is immensely good for the body and also rids of the toxicity present.

Again, very few people would have heard about these leaves but they are the same as watercress, giving about five to six calories per cup. They can also be cooked or just used in salads in however way you like them. As the leaves contain cellulose in them, you will also notice that bulk formation in your stool which can relieve you from feeling constipated as well.

Cooking radishes might not be on the top of the list for many people because to be honest, it is a difficult thing developing a taste for them but they are extremely healthy and will provide you with a very low calorie meal. Think about that before discarding the option of cooking radishes. They are healthy to eat as well and have abundant vitamin C in them which is extremely necessary for immunity boosting.

You can have this vegetable sautéed with slight olive oil and it will provide you with the most terrific low calorie vegetable meal. It is easy to cut as well and is available throughout the year so you won’t have to worry about it not being in the market. You will be giving yourself a lot of vitamins along with fiber and various minerals too!

All the vegetables mentioned above are extremely fulfilling and have very little calories, as you read some of them just give you about four to five calories per cup! And the best part is, they are healthy as well, you won’t be compromising on your nutritious value if you have them. Eat your proteins as well when on a diet but if you feel hungry and want to eat something that will not make you fat and also keep you full along with giving you nutrition then turn to these vegetables!

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