Introduction And Background
We can never really escape dieting, whether we want to do it or not. There is always somebody around us who wants to lose weight and of course the countless articles in the magazines and the television shows are also something we cannot run from. Truthfully, dieting has become a part of our life. However, there are a few things that are still unsure. Even though the dieting phenomenon has been researched so thoroughly and there are so many details and so much information to read and retain, people still confuse some things. They still believe in some of the myth factors. Well, that is about to change.

Myth No. 1
One can lose weight without dieting as long as they exercise. Wrong. This is a complete myth and not at all true. With exercise, one can only hope to maintain their weight if they are still eating like a cow (not to be rude or anything). But if they eat a lot and think they are losing weight if they exercise, they are wrong. You will only lose weight if you start burning more calories than you are taking in on a daily basis. Otherwise, the effort of exercise will be for nothing. There is probably no successful diet in the world that does not tell you to curb your appetite and eat less. Otherwise, they will all be pretty big failures.

Myth No. 2
Dieting makes you weak. Wrong. Dieting does not make you weak, it only makes you slimmer and fitter. People are constantly under the misconception that dieting is extremely unhealthy and leaves you nutritionally deficit. Well, unless you are scammed in the worst way possible and follow a diet that actually does harm you, you are pretty safe. The diets that people usually follow are well researched and do not have any dangers. They do not leave the body weak. They only get rid of the fat that exists in the body, the extra fat at that too. Eating a lot is also not good for the health and being obese is probably way more dangerous than dieting. Obesity has the ability to cause heart disease, cause cholesterol problems and even diabetes if the history is strong in the family. It is better to lose weight than carry all that danger around. Hence, forget that dieting makes a person weak. This is not true at all.

Myth No. 3
Starvation Makes You Lose Weight. The emphasis on how wrong this is cannot be given more importance than this. Starvation does not make a person lose weight unless they have been starving for a good many months! And those does nothing but cause one misery and pain and want to get rid of their diet as soon as possible! One should never starve in a diet. It will lower the metabolic rate considerably and actually stop the weight loss process for a while. Hence, if you want to diet, do it smartly. Do not think that eating less will make you thinner. You should still eat so that the metabolism does not slow down. It is one of the main factors behind weight loss strategy.

Myth No. 4
Liposuction will solve all my dieting problems. Ask those who have had this procedure? Often, if one has the money and the expenditure to spend all they can, they do not diet but instead undergo the operation of liposuction. They think that surgically having their fat removed will save them from dieting. Well, it doesn’t. Even after liposuction, one has to maintain their weight and make sure that nothing of the sort happens that they gain it back again. In fact, they are even more prone to gain weight at times than they were before. Dieting is better than the surgical procedure any day and if someone thinks it is the easy way out, think again. One still has to manage weight after liposuction. One still needs to diet from time to time if not always.

Myth No. 5
Eating Fat Burning Medicine. This is wrong. There are many things available that really help in dieting such as appetite reducing supplements and even drops that help to lose weight by altering the metabolic rate. But fat burning medicine and the belts that are being highly publicized to burn any fat are not true at all. They are probably the biggest dieting myths around. It is safer to diet the natural way with a little help from supplements but do not go to any extremes by getting medicines that probably will give you kidney problems than make you lose weight!

These myths should be kept in mind if you are on the dieting path or even if you know someone who wants to diet. It is better to clear things out at the start before getting in any mess later on.

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