Introduction and background

Baby fat should no longer be considered as a thing that will wear off when the time comes. The speed at which the world is moving towards obesity and chubbiness is frightening. And the worst part is, not many seem to realize it. Not only baby fat is a concern, any fat for that matter. it shouldn’t be ignored nor should it be treated as a trivial matter.

Weight issues

Many years ago, there were only grandparents who had the problem of diabetes or of the heart. And even then, there would be some amongst the line of all the grandpas and grandmas with this problem. Now, all you see is this. And not just in grandparents but even in teenagers! Genetics has a big part to play in this yes, but weight has an equal share in it. Telling your kids about weight and then teaching them to maintain a healthy lifestyle is pretty important. Parents need to find time to teach their children how to adapt to a good diet and to tell them to get a hold of their weight control. Mostly, they just treat it as baby fat. This should stop.

Dieting is not unhealthy

Most grown-ups thinks dieting at a young age is disastrous and not good for the health. They let their children drink and eat whatever they want, whenever they want regardless of the fact that they are imminently crossing the ideal weight of their age. This should also stop. Dieting is not exactly starving yourself. This concept is so advertised with all the diets available, people are afraid to enrol their children in diet programs. But dieting is not unhealthy. It depends on what diet you pick. Some diets just change the food you eat but you are still getting your nutrition. Some diets bring exercise in your daily routine. This is not harmful at all. So do not be the cause of your child’s obesity.

Why is weight control important?

Weight control is important. It is now treated as a disease because it causes many other diseases. Obesity is not something to be laughed at any more. It crushes you mentally, emotionally and physically. A lot of added weight has known to cause heart problems, blood pressure problems as well as diabetes. In worst cases, it can cause a brain stroke because the fat could be stored in your brain. The cause of depression is weight at times too. Since it lowers self esteem considerably and the confidence level is shattered even if you are slightly overweight, this also affects the social well being of teenagers. The age of adolescence is very delicate and needs to be taken care of. Thus, it is essential that you realize this sooner than later. Otherwise, a lot of difficulties could arise later in life. Obesity is also sometimes blamed for a woman who is unable to get pregnant, even if her fertility is working just fine.

How to control weight

Weight can be maintained by exercise and keeping yourself in check. However, losing weight does require dieting. Without it, it is almost impossible to reduce any weight. And it would take a really long time to take effect. Dieting is not unhealthy, as mentioned before. If you want your kids to diet, then you can. It will not stop their growth or give them any side effect that will show itself later in life. There is a diet known as the HCG diet. It is a hormone that is given to obese people. The hormone is already present naturally in the body but higher levels of it will make your metabolism work at an incredibly fast pace. It will use the energy reserves of fat stored and cut off the extra pounds. You lose weight fast in this diet and it is appreciated in the dieting community as a good diet with no side effects.


Do not be afraid to diet or to make your kids diet. It would be better if it never comes to that because you have been sensible enough to remain fit and ensure the same for your children. But if something like obesity has come along, then you should be ready for it without any hesitation.

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