The HCG Diet – All You Need To Know
Introduction And Background
There are many diets that come and go and you keep wondering what was it about them that created the hype and what was it about them that led them to become obsolete? The HCG diet is not one of them because it has been here for over a decade now and it is still being pretty much recommended now and then for people who are dieting. Forget normal people, even celebrities have tried out this diet and are pretty happy with it. The HCG diet might confuse you a little and you might wonder what exactly does HCG stand for and how it works but worry not, this article will explain everything to you and clear any misconceptions you have about the diet as well.
The Hormone Is A Natural One
The HCG diet, termed as the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is actually a diet based on this hormone which naturally occurs in the body so there is nothing to worry about there. Some used to think this was a synthetic hormone maybe taken from animals but it is nothing like that here, it was just a misconception. The HCG diet revolves around the HCG hormone that places no harm and is actually pretty helpful in the entire dieting process, you’ll come to read about later.
The Diet Is Homeopathic In Nature
The HCG diet is actually homeopathic in nature. Homeopathy is considered to be, by many, a harmless medicating process that has been going on for centuries now. While some may consider it to be completely useless, they can at least say that it is harmless and there are no effects as yet to this way of medicine which can alter the human body adversely. And for those of you who believe in this system, all the more good for them that this diet consists of homeopathic drops basically which are made from the HCG hormone!
The Diet Has Phases
Some say the diet has three phases while other list it down to four. It all depends on when you start the diet because a phase of the diet allows you to eat as much as you want which is basically at the start and most people just sort of skip it if they are already having a lot of things to eat already. However, in one of the phases, which is the longest phase probably, you have to consume less than five hundred calories per day which can become increasingly difficult but you get used to it and the HCG hormone helps out too in you handling the entire phase. How does it help? Well, it burns the brown fat and raises the metabolic rate and more than that it also helps to control the raging appetite that you must feel during this entire regime. The HCG diet has thought of everything now, hasn’t it?
The Weight Loss Is Rapid
The weight loss is pretty rapid! Actually, it is so rapid that most people often find this really. You can lose about five to six kilograms in just a week’s time and that is a lot! Try to losing just a kilogram in a week and you’ll figure out how miraculous this is. It is sort of like a prayer answered for those who are looking for a quick solution but they will have to work at it as well, it does not come that easy. This is also one of the reasons why the diet is not allowed for those who want to lose a little weight only because it can make them underweight in a little while! It is only recommended for really obese people who are trying to lose a lot of weight.
The Diet Has No Side Effects
This might come as a shocker to many because having take homeopathic drops and then experiencing rapid weight loss has to have some effects on the entire body but actually there are none. The diet boasts of having absolutely no side effects and the users have actually claimed the same. There are some who said that they experienced some sort of a headache but then again, weight loss itself is a headache and since you are taking in so few calories, it is bound to again hurt your head over the thought of such a little amount of food!
You should always be able and willing to try out new things because you never know, they might actually turn out to be really good for you. The HCG diet is one of these things and believe it or not, it actually does work. The only thing you have to do is follow the rules accordingly if you want the best results and another important thing; there is no exercise in this diet!

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