Introduction And Background

The best thing one can do to make a diet easy is to find things that will make it easy for him or her. For instance, a friend was tired of dieting and almost always ending up ruining it because the small amount of food was getting to him. What he did was afterwards was to find out things that will help him lose weight, be it the foods that will control his appetite and the foods that will enhance his weight loss. He ended up losing more weight than he imagined and is at an ideal weight right now from being the most obese person in the building.

Weight Loss And Food Levels
Some people believe that going on a strict food diet which contains only one group of the food pyramid is a dangerous thing to do and is not good for the body at all. Some doctors also believe that unless they think a patient is suffering from some disease and needs to lose weight as soon as possible. All protein diets are quite an in thing but a lot of people would agree that it is not the healthiest decision in the world. In case scenarios like these, you need to not remove a complete content of the food pyramid but ensure it is there in a safe and harmless manner.

The Good Carbohydrates For Weight Loss
Not all carbohydrates are dangerous and bad for weight loss. There are some good ones that can ensure you do not gain any weight and can also help you maintain the nutritional balance that you will be lacking because you are on a diet. There are fat burning carbs and carbs that can help you lose weight too. You do not need to put them completely out of your system you know. Here below are some of them:

  • Barley
    Barley is a good carbohydrate and contains fiber as well. It does not shoot up your sugar level like say a pastry would and is slow to ensure your blood sugar level. This is good in cases of feeling content for a long time and can actually help control the appetite.
  • Peas
    Most people would stare in awe at the word peas as it is not generally considered to be a lovable carbohydrate. However, eating peas can enable you to release a hormone by the name of Leptin that can ensure levels in your brain that you have had enough and your stomach is not hungry anymore! What more do you need, get a can of green peas today!
  • Whole Grains – Even Pasta!
    Whole grains anything can increase the fiber content and make you have less abdominal fat which is quite common in man these days! Even whole grain pasta is acceptable as many would complain of not having their loved food while dieting. Well, here is a chance to have it finally!
  • Acorn Squash
    It’s fiber content is pretty high and it keeps you full for a long time. What more could you possible ask for? And for the cherry on the top, it tastes good too.
  • Popcorn
    This item without butter is to be considered. Popcorn is one of the most favorite items on a person’s list. Those who have started to diet can greatly use this to control their appetite until they think they are ready to try to handle things. The hunger pangs at first can spin things out of control and your diet can be ruined. But you can eat popcorn to appease yourself and you be gaining any weight with this wonderful fibrous snack.
  • Oatmeal
    Studies have shown that other than helping you in the weight loss process, oatmeal is also good for getting rid of the visceral fat present. Viscera means organ and the fat that aligns most of the organs can disappear gradually if you make oatmeal a part of your daily diet.
  • Bananas
    You’ll be staring at this word in surprise, yes? Bananas are generally avoided in a diet. Most diets think it contains too much sugar to actually be a part of diet but many are forgetting that bananas are high in potassium and these levels can help you control your appetite as well. Besides, bananas also make you feel full for a longer time and are generally good for your health. Do not eat a lot of them, that will be unwise but they make a healthy snack.

Now that you are aware of a lot of carbohydrates that can actually help in the weight loss process, learn to use these items wisely. Do not overdo on any item as do not forget they are still carbohydrates. But they are good carbohydrates and will eventually help you to reduce weight if used smartly.

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