The Emotions Of Dieting

Introduction And Background
Dieting is a phenomenon that is actually easier said than done. Those who have been on a diet and may have succeeded or failed but they would know what being on a diet is like. It is quite easy for people to say ‘oh lose weight by dieting’ but if they ever did know what it was like, they would never say it like that now, would they? There are many emotions that a person faces while dieting and you need to about them, even if you are the one who is not dieting. Dieting is sometimes misunderstood to the extreme and it is not good for the person who is dieting. They need love, care and support. This article will aim to remove the doubts and the uneasiness behind dieting so that the one who is dieting can easily do their job and the one who is not can manage theirs.

Do NOT Hide The Fact That You Are Dieting
It is easier to tell your friends and family that you are dieting instead of sneaking about and then expecting them to understand as well. They cannot understand something they are not aware of! Chances are high that your friends would want to hang out with you and when you are not eating the proper amount, they might think something is wrong with your mood or perhaps you are sick today. Your family might also throw dinners or your mother might force you to eat something that has been cooked rather lovingly at home. Imagine her disappoint when you turn the other way! While this may be an accomplishment for you, it is sort of unfair to the person who has made all the food for you. A friend’s daughter was dieting once and while her mother took pains to make her favourite dishes throughout the week, she would not have anything. The reason behind that was she wanted to lose a few pounds because she was being teased at school. It would have made the week a lot easier and her mother a lot less sadder and confused had it been known that she was on a diet. Do not hide it from your loved ones, they will only encourage you.

Do NOT Feel Sorry For Yourself
This is another thing that most dieters need to get rid of and need to be stronger about. Feeling sorry for yourself if you are on a diet is not going to make anything better or going to give you any points in this world. Feeling sorry for yourself will only ruin your diet and also your surroundings too. Those who have gained weight often go into their shell and try to go even deeper if they are trying to doing something about their weight! This isn’t how it should be. It’s a normal thing to want to better yourself. A lot of people around the world are doing it in a different manner. Do you think the heavyweights out there feel sorry for themselves when they work hours and hours in the gym on a daily basis? Do you think the ballerina feels sorry for herself when she is practicing her routine for the thousandth time to get that step just right? They are all trying to perfect themselves and their body so why shouldn’t you do the same?

Do NOT Get Angry At Others
This is another emotion that often occurs in those who are dieting. They feel angry at others when they see people eating normally and having fun. This is another emotion they should be controlling and not feeling while dieting. It is not the fault of the other person now is it that they can eat and are not trying to lose weight? Maybe they are working on something else really hard that might come naturally to you. Every human being is different and every life is different. Do not compare yourself to others while one a diet and ruin your mood and get angry at their lifestyle and then feel miserable about your own. It will only cause stress hormones to rise and we all know stress hormones are terrible for health as well as the diet. Meet everyone happily and be happy and unaffected towards what other people are doing. It is not right to get angry at others.

As you can clearly see, dieting is not easy and the one who is dieting is not only controlling what they are eating but are dealing with a lot of emotions as well. And you have to understand that the people who diet are generally those who love eating very much. When that is being taken away from them due to cosmetic reasons of dropping pounds and looking good, angst and anxiety and anger are easy feelings to experience.

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