Introduction and background

Almost everyone thinks that getting away from obesity always has something to do with looking good. They are right. Ninety five percent of the people who diet have slim figure and high self esteem on their agenda. However, the five percent left behind are forced to diet because their health and life is at risk. They have to diet otherwise they will be at a risk of having various diseases such as blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.
That leaves the ninety five percent who starve themselves consistently to achieve the dream figure that has been circulated and exploited immensely by the media as all the actors and actresses have that figure. Dieting properly and following a meal plan is fine. It is healthy too at times. However, crash dieting has some really harsh consequences and side effects. Suddenly, dieters are afraid to even consume a hundred calories daily. This really has terrible effects. Read on and find out what they are.

What happens when you crash diet?

The answer to this question is not hard. When your body is not getting the proper nutrition, or in this case ANY nutrition, it automatically starts to get energy from the fat reserves that you have stored. But the fat reserves are not the only reserves present in the body. Sometimes, protein from muscle is also utilized as an energy resource which could have the worst consequences on your health. But this is not all. Here are some other things that can happen:
• Irritability becomes a part of character for those who crash diet. Since their hunger pangs are endless and they have refrained from eating, they become annoyed at everything else.
• Crash dieting can also lead to depression. For those who put so much effort, when results take time it can be a depressing phase.
• As there is a major lack in nutrition, things such as constipation and dehydration become common.
• Metabolism rate slows down. This makes the weight loss even harder.
• There is a high risk of developing eating disorders if one crash diets.
• Fainting could occur, especially if one is dehydrated and does not have enough energy to even stay conscious.
• Rashes and bloodshot eyes are a common physical characteristic of crash dieters.
• Sinus problems can occur.
• There is a high chance that those who crash diet will regain their weight quickly.
• In the most fatal of cases, seizures can take place and gall bladder disease can occur.
There are many other side effects to crash dieting that have not been mentioned here. Some doctors have even written books on the subject matter, trying to tell the people who dangerous crash dieting really is.
No one is telling you not to diet. Dieting is not a life threatening act and sometimes a necessity when you are way overweight. It is vital if it is to benefit your health. But dieting the right way is important too. Finding the right diet, one that consists of a proper meal along with exercise is how it should be done. Not eating anything at all is just not right. There are many diets available which work immensely and do not even place you at any risks or with any side effects.

The Newest Diet on the Block

There is a diet that is rapidly gaining fame for its absolute results and rapid weight loss. The HCG diet which consists of HCG drops that have, in their capacity, the ability to raise metabolism speed and burn off the brown fat of the body without touching the muscles or anything which is necessary for function. They are quite beneficial if you are tired of following diets that will take a long time to work or those that contain too much exercise or side effects. Because the HCG drops do not have any side effects and neither do you have to exercise in it? In fact, they prefer that you do not exercise since the weight loss is so rapid and it could hinder the mechanism of the diet! Yes, they do have a certain calorie intake which is less but then the point of dieting is to reduce weight and that does require a bit of self control on eating.



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