Introduction And Background
Who has not heard of the Atkins diet? If you look at history, it was probably the most talked about diet at a certain time and is still considered to be very effective. A lot of people still do what they now call the Atkins diet and are very successful at losing the pounds that they wished to lose. Dr. Atkins was the one who devised this diet plan years ago and the diet is named after him. If you have even a little knowledge of the dieting world or weight loss plans, you surely must have heard his name. However, this article will aim to expand that knowledge and tell you more about this diet plan, how it is and what the possibly risks and benefits are of following such a diet. Read on further to enlighten yourself!

The Atkins Diet
Let’s first discuss a little about the methodology behind the diet and what is in it and how one does it. The Atkins diet basically has four phases to it. In the first phase of the diet, your body is going to concentrate on burning fat rather than carbs and you will be eating mostly protein and a little fat. You are allowed only twenty grams of fat per day which you will try to fulfill in vegetables, not anything else. In the second phase of the diet, you will begin to add carbs slowly into your diet and return to normal food but bear in mind that you should still be losing weight even though you are taking these foods. You only enter the third phase when you have only ten pounds left to lose to achieve your goal weight. You will eat normally and learn to adjust into this routine so that you lose the last of it and do not gain any back. The fourth and the last phase is one that you will stick to for the remainder of your life if you do not want to gain all of the lost weight back. It will be hard but you will have to do that if you want to maintain the weight you worked so hard to lose. You can have things here and there once in a while but other than that, keep yourself in check.

The Things You Can Eat In Atkins
The things that you can eat freely in the Atkins diet without having to worry about would be lean meat, poultry and things like eggs, butter, oil and cheese. However, you cannot have these things in an unlimited manner, there are portions allotted and you have to stick to that. Those who are vegetarians and want to follow the diet can fulfill their proteins from soybeans and seeds and things such as nuts too if they have them in the proper amount.

The Things You Cannot Eat In Atkins
The things that you cannot eat in Atkins are basically starchy and sugary things. You need to stay away from bread, pasta, rice and other such things which have a lot of carbs in them. Junk food is out of the question and even shakes and candies are a big no because you have to control your calorie intake and your diet. Also, snacks such as chips and cookies are also something you cannot have during the duration of your Atkins diet and by the time you’ve lost weight, hopefully you will be in the habit of not having them again either. Potatoes are also something you need to stay away from because even if fries are made in oil, the potatoes are not allowed in your diet.

The Risks Involved
This diet has risks like any other diet, nutritional deficiency. You are eating only a specific type of food and are not allowed any carbs so fruits are probably not in your diet which means you can have a deficiency related to vitamins or minerals even, micronutrients in other words. Do not do this diet if you are diabetic or are suffering from some heart disease until and unless you have consulted your doctor and he gives the go ahead. Otherwise, follow some other diet. However, it is still a good diet for losing weight and shedding those extra pounds that you’ve put on over time.

The Atkins diet is not something that controversial that you cannot do. In fact, it is a pretty good diet if you follow it properly and also have multivitamins along with it to ensure that you are not nutritionally deficit in micronutrients. But aside from that, it is a safe diet and one that people are doing over the years now and have had good results with it. Research more on it and form a diet plan with food that suits you.

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