Introduction And Background

With so many delicious things to eat and with food coming to you so easily, it is tough to say no to it. It has come to this now that every time a person wants to hang out or is bored, food is the first thought that comes to the mind. When the stomach is satisfied, there is no thought left for being bored, correct? This is the reason why obesity has been increasing like a skyrocket shooting for the moon. This is the reason why diets have become so common and so regular. This is the reason why everyone seems to be dieting nowadays! But in this article, we will be discussing the apple.

Is Dieting Necessary For Weight Loss?
Before we talk about dieting or the type of dieting, we need to discuss the importance of dieting. Many believe that only exercise is enough to make a person lose weight. They think that they can eat whatever they want but exercise will help them lose the pounds that they have gained. They are wrong. Unless they come in the one percent category of the world with an extremely fast metabolism and stamina to exercise all the time, it is impossible to lose weight unless you control what you eat. Dieting is necessary for weight loss. Without dieting, it is almost physically impossible to lose weight. You cannot lose any pounds off the body unless you burn more calories than you eat. If you keep eating at the same pace and burn at the same pace, it still won’t help you. You need to eat less and burn more. That is the only way.

The Apple Diet
The apple is probably the only fruit in the world that everybody must have heard of. It is the first fruit that they teach as soon as you go to school or start speaking at home because it begins with the letter A and is generally liked by all. Hence, the apple diet should somewhat be of the same caliber, yes? It is. The apple diet consists of, of course the apple. But you are allowed to eat other things that are not fattening in the least and are low on calories. But the apple…It is the showstopper of the apple diet, speaking in the fashion language. There are a few variations of the apple diet. Some people do it for three days while others do it for five days. No matter how many days they do it in, the course of the apple menu each day remains the same.

  • The First Day
    You are supposed to have apple for breakfast. You are supposed to have them for lunch as well as dinner! Don’t get sick of apples just yet, there are more to come in the following days!
  • The Second Day
    You are again supposed to have apples for breakfast as well as dinner but during the lunch meal you are allowed to have a green salad and even some low fat cheddar cheese if you want. Rather than the cheese, you can have a piece of lean meat too.
  • The Third Day
    For breakfast, it is again apples but you can also have whole grain bread and low fat turkey too. Not the entire turkey, mind you, just a small piece. And make sure that it is not fried but rather steamed or broiled. You are allowed a green salad on your lunch menu along with the apples but dinner consists of apples alone.

Most people usually stop here because they’ve had enough of the apples by then. But if you want to lose more weight, you have to do this diet for two more days. Two days do not seem a lot compared to a thinner and leaner body.

  • The Fourth Day
    A single apple for breakfast, a single apple for lunch as well as dinner. However, that is not all. For breakfast, you can eat a slice of whole grain bread and a piece of chicken. For lunch, you are allowed boiled vegetables but make sure there are no potatoes in it. You are also allowed a little tuna. You can also have cereals for dinner as well as a glass of skimmed milk.
  • The Last Day
    For breakfast, you can enjoy an apple and a boiled egg with a slice of bread. For lunch, you can have a vegetable salad with a piece of chicken. And for dinner, to end it, apples.

You are also supposed to drink a lot of water throughout this diet, at least two liters per day at the minimum level.

The apple diet is just for five days and people are actually quite happy with it. If you want to lose weight and can only diet for a short time, the apple diet is the way to look. And if you love fruits and especially love apples, this diet was made for you then!


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