The ABCs of HCG Diet – Your at-a-glance HCG Diet guide


HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a hormone released by pregnant women during the early stages of pregnancy. This hormone was discovered by Doctor A.T.W. Simeons around 50 years ago after observing decreasing health of the mother after child’s birth. As a matter of fact, this hormone takes the stored fat reserves from the mother and changes to nutrition for placenta. Based on this fat draining concept, Dr. Simeons recommended low-dose daily HCG injections in combination with customized ultra-low calorie diet for weight loss.

Dr. Simeons even published a book titled “”Pounds and Inches” in which he explained every single detail about his research and studies concerning HCG diet.

Does HCG diet help in consuming total body fat?

When you eat low calorie food or when you diet, this lack of calorie is compensated by the normal reserve fat layer. Similarly, structural fat is present between the skin and organs and it acts as a protective layer. As you can see these two types of fats are essential for our body therefore, HCG does not have any effect on them. On the contrary, HCG consumes the abnormal extra fat in your body such as in your hips, buttocks, waist and thighs. It means that the weight reduction comes from the unhealthy fat and thus health is maintained despite weight loss.

How much weight loss is possible?

HCG diet helps you to reduce at least one pound a day. Some HCG dieters may lose even 2-3 pounds a day.


Low calorie diet versus HCG diet

HCG diet is combination of HCG injections with a very low calorie diet of 500 calories. However, if we talk about the low calorie diet alone (without HCG injections), HCG diet has surely got an edge over low calorie diet. This can be understood by the fact that your body makes up for the lack of calories by taking the reserve fat which simply results in redistribution of fat with no considerable evidence of weight reduction. On the other hand, HCG diet will consume unwanted extra fat and lean muscle will not be destroyed. This makes the HCG diet far more effective as compared to low calorie diet because in the latter case, the net result is zero and nothing is accomplished.


What are the benefits of HCG diet?

HCG diet has the following benefits over other diet plans and weight loss methods:
• Very quick and apparent decrease in body’s fatty areas
• Increase in testosterone levels
• Weight reduction without affecting muscle
• Decreased cravings
• No hunger pangs or starvation since body remains naturally fulfilled
• Elimination of extra fats from the body without a tinge of hunger
• Affordable and cheaper as compared to other methods and plans
• Boosts insulin levels
• Regulates body metabolism
• According to recent studies, reduced risk of Breast cancer


What are the limitations of VLCD (Very low calorie diet)?

Dr. Simeons published about a very low calorie diet i.e. 500 calorie a day since HCG diet involves use of HCG injections with a low calorie diet. The main points and limitations of this VLCD are discussed below:
• The 500 calorie limit must always be maintained
• The juice of one lemon daily is allowed
• Tea, coffee, plain water or mineral water are the only drinks allowed
• In breakfast, tea or coffee in any quantity without sugar
• For lunch, salmon, tuna, herring, dried or pickled fish are not allowed. The chicken breast must also be removed from the bird
• All visible fat must be carefully removed before cooking
• No medicines or cosmetics other than lipstick, eyebrow pencil and powder may be used without special permission

Further details of VLCD and HCG diet can be read from Dr. Simeon’s book.


HCG diet is undoubtedly marvellous in its effectiveness and results. HCG diet not only helps you reducing your weight but also maintains your health by regulating your body metabolism and preserving the useful body fat. However, there are certain special considerations and precautions you have to take care of in order to achieve weight loss in the most viable manner. Likewise, always consult your doctor or physician regarding safety and precautions.

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  1. Alma

    I keep hearing about so many pelpeos’ success using the HCG diet, and am really overwhelmed by all the places you can buy it online! I have read many bad things about the homeopathic HCG drops, such as they don’t even contain HCG.If any of you are doing the HCG diet, where would you recommend getting the drops from? Are you really having as much success as you thought you would before starting the diet? Has anyone tried HCG platinum from GNC? Thank y’all for your help!

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