Introduction And Background

It is a pretty amazing concept, the one of teen dieting. There are two sides to every story and even with teen dieting that saying runs true. Some say that teen dieting is an important thing and one should definitely do it because that is what the body will be like for the rest of our lives and how our habits will develop of eating. Some say that teen dieting is an unhealthy thing to do and the baby fat will eventually go away when one reaches adulthood. They think that if one diets during their teens there will be severe deficiencies which one will face later on, especially that of calcium and especially in women who are more prone to dieting in the first place. So which side to listen to?

It All Depends…
On your weight actually. If you are highly overweight during your teens, dieting is needed because then you are on your way to a lot of other diseases. You might even develop cholesterol or diabetic problems even in your thirties which is definitely not the age in which this should be happening! There is a very fine line between having baby fat and actually being obese. If you are obese and it is affecting you emotionally as well as physically, dieting is needed. Not dieting will then be way unhealthier than dieting!

When Is Teen Dieting Needed?
As you can see above, teen dieting is only applicable to those who are really obese and are highly overweight. With the obesity rate reaching the skies in most of the western countries, the children really need to be on the lookout to not let their weight exceed too much. And if they have done so then they need to diet before it becomes even harder to lose weight and they remain obese for the rest of their lives which is not a good thing and can become dangerous as one ages.

When Is Teen Dieting Not Needed?
Teen dieting is not needed when you are just a little chubby or you have a little baby fat left which will gradually go away in a few months if you do the right exercises. You might just have to tone your body a little for that and dieting is not needed at all. Teenagers all over the world follow a trend of wanting to be size zero but even if one isn’t it’s completely alright. Do not go underweight just because you want to be a size zero! You might even get dark circles if you diet when it is not needed! Forget dark circles actually, you will experience unwanted massive hair fall! Dieting is a tricky thing. It is not easy to do and it is not easy to avoid. Almost every teenager diets sometime during his teenage years. The point still remains is whether the diet is needed or not needed. If you are two or three kilograms away from the ideal weight, there is really no need to diet. If the weight exceeds by fifteen to twenty kilograms from the ideal weight, you might consider a healthier diet but do not do the crash ones. If it the weight exceeds even more than that from the ideal according to age then you really need to consider dieting! Otherwise, know when dieting is not needed! Do not follow the trends of the magazine, they will only confuse you more. Every single one of us falls for the size zero image but the truth remains that not everyone can become that and not everyone has the same capacity to remain healthy and become that!

Disadvantages Of Teen Dieting
Other than having bad effects that will show on later in your life, teen dieting also tends to make the best years of your life quite miserable. You are just a teen, fresh out of middle school and suddenly you are dieting like an adult, refraining from the wonderful icecreams and chocolates available. No one is telling you to overeat but dieting is not the way to go about it. Teenagers should not be dieting just for the sake of dieting or because they are aiming for some perfect figure. They should know when to diet according to their weight.

As said before, there are two sides to every story. You can clearly see when dieting is actually needed and when it is not needed. You have to draw the line at some point and this article has drawn it for you. It is up to you to decide whether or not the teen dieting is a healthy idea or it is an unhealthy one. You will know according to the weight and the risks involved and then only can you know whether or not it needed!


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