While the hCG diet is a fast weight loss program, you need to remember that big weight loss will still take patience. You have to space out your cycles of the hCG diet. Each time you start a new cycle you have to wait longer between cycles.


If you have a substantial amount of weight to lose, it can still take a year to lose 100 pounds – even if you lose 2 pounds a day when you’re on the hormone and calorie restriction phase. You can’t allow yourself to become discouraged.


In between cycles, you’ll still need to make sure you’re eating sensibly, exercising moderately, and getting prepared for the next cycle of the diet program. While the hCG diet is a tried and true method of weight loss, it may still require you to be patient.


Reward Yourself for Reaching Goals


When you do reach goals – whether they are related to weight or not – you need to take time to celebrate your success. With the hCG diet program, it’s not a good idea to use food as a reward, but there are many other things you can use as a reward. For example:


• treat yourself to a new item of clothing as you’re losing weight

• buy a piece of jewelry you’ve been wanting

• get a massage

• go to a movie with a friend

• get a manicure

• take a mini-vacation about which you’ve been dreaming

When you allow yourself to celebrate small successes, you’ll help yourself to stay motivated to focus on the plan. The hCG diet plan can be very restrictive, so it’s important that you give yourself credit for following it.


When you reach you final weight loss goal, you’ll have a lot to celebrate. Start planning now for how you will celebrate that goal. Maybe you will start saving now to buy some new wardrobe pieces, take a vacation, or take a new adventure.


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