Introduction And Background

Our world has become obese, the world that we know. Not counting the conditions of Africa and other nations which are up high in poverty, of course. But the rest of the world is something to look at. Everyone is on the verge of being overweight if they are not already. Dieting has become the new world war and everybody is talking about it. Everyone wants to be a part of it and everyone wants to win. Sadly, it is not that easy. Dieting takes a lot of determination and self-control along with compassion, for your own self for one. Before dieting, one should know what is good for them and what is not.

Sugar-Added Juices
These are of course the canned or boxed juices that are easily available in the stores and markets. We get them when we do our groceries and mostly they are present in every household. Juices are actually healthy for us and if they are pulpy and natural, well and good. But sugar-added juices are a thing to be aware of while on a diet.

Sugar-Added Juices, Are They Good For Dieting?
The answer is a big fat no. They are not good for dieting and almost every diet recommends that you stay away from any such items. Dieting is an exercise where you have to abstain from the foods that can make you gain weight. Sugar-added juices might not make you gain a lot of weight but they will certainly stop you from losing any. Do not make dieting difficult than it already is and do not drink the items that can hinder your weight loss process. Juices already have a high content of sugar since they are sweet in nature and fruits generally contain carbohydrates. Now, if you’re dieting properly you know well and good that carbohydrates are not on the top in your food pyramid list. In fact, it might as well be at the bottom. Adding extra sugar to the drink will mess things up for you and it is certainly not what you need. So the answer is no, sugar-added juices are not good for dieting.

Are Normal Fresh Juices Good For Dieting?
Normal fresh juices are good for health as well as good for some diets. A lot of diets tell you not to have juices but have the fruit itself in its original form because the juice form would have a higher number of calories. However, it all depends on the diet you decide to follow. Some diets strictly follow fresh juices as the main component too. So basically it all depends on which path you decide to take. There are numerous options available but most of them contain juices and fruits. So, that one is a given. But the sugar part will be a no in all of them.

What Fruit Juices Can One Have In A Diet?
There are numerous fruit juices that one can have while dieting. Orange juice is actually the big favorite as people also like to have it for breakfast. Berry juices are also one of the top contenders since berries are known to act as appetite suppressants and this can be an added help factor for all the dieters who are finding it hard to control their appetite. Pomegranate juices are also helpful but due to their high sweet content, most diets recommend that you stick to the usual orange juices or berry juices. Apple juice is also popular but most people like it in the canned format and would rather not have the natural form of juice as the taste is a bit tingy too.

Shakes are also a big no in diets. About ninety nine percent of the people cannot have a milkshake without adding sugar thus it is not worth it to ruin your diet. Milkshakes also have milk in them (duh) and in some diets milk is not recommended to be taken in such high amounts. Most people use skimmed milk and then a zero calorie sugar if they want to make a milkshake but does one really want to do all that…?

Sugar – Forbidden?
Sugar is not forbidden as you cannot really escape carbs in any kind of food. But…sugar can be avoided, especially the extra type that is present in sugar-added fruit juices. You are already getting the sweet end of the deal by having natural fresh fruit juices, why add the sugar?

If you are dieting, you need to take extra care of all this stuff and be smart too. Just because a diet says you can have juices does not mean they’re telling you to drink the canned sugary cartons of juices. Stick to the fresh ones and they will benefit your diet as well as your skin!

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