South Beach Diet And Its Disadvantages

Introduction And Background

Obesity moves with technology too. New diets keep developing and scientists and researchers are forever trying to find new ways of telling people how to lose weight which can be quicker, more effective and easy to maintain in the end. However, with all of this into consideration, there are at times when side effects and disadvantages to the body are overlooked with a particular diet and people don’t know them until they’ve already done it and experienced it. It is better to be fully prepared and know what to do with the body than be regretful in the end. For now, we’re going to concentrate on a diet called the South Beach Diet. It is also a famous diet and highly advertised too but we’ll discuss a few things you never really knew about it.

What Is The South Beach Diet?

The South Beach Diet is one of those diets that come across as being a very good and general diet. They have phases and concentrate on the types of food rather than the cutting down of food. Of course, you have to cut down on food. There is no way out of that. But the diet tells you to stay away from carbs during phase one in which you’ll have to starve yourself to restrain your appetite. However, in phase two, you reintroduce those components into your diet which were restricted during phase one but at little portions. Then during the third phase, it is basically learning to maintain the weight you have lose which is the hardest for some people to do. The South Beach Diet gives a complete plan of the three phases along with recipes of the foods you’re allowed to have.

What Are The Disadvantages Of The South Beach Diet?

The South Beach Diet may be a complete plan, but it is not the healthiest one around. There are disadvantages that many overlook while being on this diet and they should know about it before they start it.
• The diet starts off at a very restrictive atmosphere where you have to literally starve yourself and stay away from some important nutritional components of a healthy diet. Many people leave the diet during phase one because they consider it too hard and are at times de-motivated as well.
• As mentioned above, there has to be proper research done about every diet before making it public for the public. This does not seem to be the case with the South Beach Diet because they have reservations about the saturated fats and tries moving you to unsaturated fats. But the fight between the fats and the relation with cholesterol is still going on so one cannot say whether this selective choice is beneficial or not.
• There are a lot of recipes involved and preparing those certain meals have known to take a lot of time. This is also another factor why most people stray away from this diet even if they were determined to follow it. The food also tastes bland at times and many people have complained about this. You’re already eating less and then if you don’t even like the food you eat, where will that get you?
• It is an expensive diet. There are many meals and plans that are pretty unaffordable for the general public and most people have even complained of having to go looking for the strangest ingredients that waste their time and energy and then spoil their mood before having the food.
• Other than the expensive taste and the recipes, making the meal also takes an ample amount of time which is also a setback for the south beach diet.



Another New Diet


There are various other diets on the block but the one you all should know about is the HCG diet. It is a hormone that comes in the form of homeopathic drops and has the power to elevate the metabolism rate of the body. The hormone is already present in the body so one does not have to worry about putting something alien into the system just for weight loss. However, compared to the South Beach Diet, the HCG diet is faster, easier and much simpler. There are no strange and hard recipes involved and one has to cut down on the calories but since the weight loss is fast and evident, the person also gets motivated in doing so. There are also no side effects involved with this diet! It is expensive but completely worth it. The reviews have all been good.



Your research about a diet should be complete before your selection. It is extremely important. Do not just pick a diet that sounds good or looks good. You have to know the pros and cons because it will affect your body in ways you do not realize.

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  1. Fiona Jesse

    South beach diet sounds interesting because the results are successful but it is diet which needs to be maintained strictly following all the guidelines. Nowadays all are busy in their life, hardly anyone can give much time to this as well as many people may not prefer it for expenses, everyone likes to have affordable plan.

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