Introduction And Background
The name of the article probably has you wary already with the word ‘unconventional’ in it. But there is no need to be afraid. Things start out as unconventional and when they gain recognition, they leave everything behind. Flying in a plane was unconventional and now it is the fastest and most comfortable mode of travelling. The same way, these unconventional dieting tips might not be something you’ve heard or believe in, but there is no harm in trying them out as they are not dangerous or anything! Thus, read on and find out some of the unconventional dieting tips and whether or not you’d want to try them.

Get Yourself A Digital Weighing Machine
A weighing machine is present in every house but usually people do not have the digital one. You might be wondering what difference it makes in it being digital or the analog, but a digital machine will be able to tell you the difference in your weight in points. You will know the .1kg in your weight and that can actually help you to diet better rather than waiting for the scale needle to move on the other machine which sticks to the same place until you’ve lost entire kg. Hence, you never know, a digital weighing machine might spring up your hopes and you’ll diet better!

Eight To Nine Glasses Of Water
Most people drink about five or six and some even forget to drink water. But drinking water does not make you gain weight. People have this wrong ideology that after drinking water, their weight rose about one to two kilograms. It might have done that but it is not how it’s going to stay! Your body always needs water and most of it is secreted. Don’t think about the water weight! And water is terrific for your body. Not only does it detoxify it, it also improves skin elasticity and keeps you more alert. More than that, drinking water means you’ll be stuffed with it which means lesser space for food!

Don’t Hide Your Diet
This tip might seem ridiculous to you all but it does help. If you’re afraid that people might make fun of you, so what? If it is helping you lose weight, that is all you need to think about. And it helps to stay away from food at parties too. Usually your hosts are just stuffing food on your plate and do not stop till you have tried something very oily, yummy and very fattening. By telling them you are on a diet, you will be able to avoid those calories. You will also be able to hang out with your friends because then you can easily order less or something non-fat in front of them.

Weekends Are Off
Now the weekend, which means Saturday and Sunday actually, is off from dieting. This might seem dumb to you because what if you regain your appetite during these days, what if you gain all the weight back, what if you get tired of your diet? Well, you already are tired of your diet but having a cheat weekend can be beneficial because it will get your metabolic rate back the usual. Haven’t you noticed that weight loss is faster at the start of a diet than in the middle? This is because the metabolism has also slowed down a little now that you are eating less. The weekend is the perfect idea to start it up again! Might be unconventional, but it has worked!

Exercise On An Empty Stomach
A lot of people do this, a lot of people are against this. It is sort of unconventional but the choice is yours. Exercising on an empty stomach might be hard and it may make you feel even hungrier later on, but it may clench your muscles and stomach and you might also eat less afterwards! And with exercise, you’ll obviously want to hydrate yourself after all the sweating which means that you’ll drink water. This also means that there will be lesser space for food! See, it is connected! But do not eat immediately after a workout though, remember that. It is not good for your weight or your health. Give it a little time.

You might be wondering whether these tips will work or not but as you can clearly see, there is no harm in trying. These aren’t any dangerous tips and you can easily apply these in your daily life to notice the difference! But the rest, you only have to change a few habits. With the first one, you should go out and definitely get yourself a digital scale. It will make you feel happier and might even make you a strong dieter once you start seeing the difference in points.


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