Introduction And Background
In this time and century, there is a general consensus that obese people are not really the ideal body figure models. It used to be different a while back and it somewhat is in some areas of the world. For instance, we all know that Asians, especially Chinese, are thinner than the people in America and that’s how people like it as well. But the Arabs prefer their women to be a little chubby. Nonetheless, obese is totally out of question. Nobody wants to be obese and it is also a little unacceptable in society as well. But then again, the ideal figure is also confusion. What’s better, to be slim, skinny or smart? Let’s discuss them all and then come to a conclusion of what’s probably better.

The word slim sounds nice, doesn’t it? A slim body is one that is agile, is not fat from any area. When you’re slim, that means you have a thin figure which isn’t skinny but isn’t fat either. A slim body is generally a pretty good looking one. However, a slim body does not necessarily mean that the shape is good. It just means that you’re well and good in the weight department!

Skinny means that there isn’t any ounce of fat on any part of your body but that isn’t all. Sometimes your bones are also showing. Skinny is a pretty thin figure and one that is most likely the thinnest of the three. When you say skinny, immediately a very thin person almost weak person comes to mind, doesn’t it? Skinny people are not exactly bony but they are very close to it and their figure is also not curvy.

Now this is when a person is in a pretty good situation. Smart is when you’re not too skinny and you aren’t fat either. You can have a little fat in some places because with the word smart, that means you have a good figure. Smart also means that your body is toned in the right places. When a person is smart, they are not in danger of being extremely underweight and neither are they anywhere near being overweight. Slim and smart are a little near each other but when a person is smart, their body generally has a more positive and a healthier image.

What’s Better?
You’ve probably figured out by now that being smart is the better option out of the three. Not only are you not skinny at all but you’ve also got a good body which isn’t just thin. Smart people usually exercise. That is the usual difference between those who are slim and those who are smart. Nonetheless, being smart is what you should aim for. Exercise is a fundamental thing in the entire process and is a health benefactor as well. One can do no wrong with exercising, even if it is not required to burn body fat. It generally tones muscles and keeps other diseases at bay such as blood pressure or heart problems or even diabetes for that matter.

How To Achieve A Smart Body?
Achieving a smart body means that you will have to be at the ideal body weight according to your gender and age and also that you have to have a healthy lifestyle. Having a smart body is not that easy to get! However, don’t be disheartened. It is not that difficult either. You will have to eat healthy, take a walk and probably do a few exercises. And yes, weight has a huge part to play in it. A fat body cannot be smart now, can it? You will have to lose weight to be smart but make sure exercise is also on the agenda while doing it. It happens a lot that when a person loses weight, they don’t exercise and their body does not come out smart. It can be flabby in different places and sometimes also looks weak rather than toned.

This is one food component that can help you a lot. Proteins are body building food which helps in restoration or rebuilding of the cells of the body. Muscles also utilize protein for development which means your boy will get a better tone. And they don’t have many calories. Proteins are terrific helpers at getting you a smarter body.

Beauty should be only skin deep but nowadays, a lot of people are more worried about their outward appearance. And they should be too. If you look good from the outside, you feel better from the inside as well. If you are losing weight, don’t get too skinny. That happens a lot of times. People never continue eating normally just because they’re scared they’ll gain weight again. Just ensure that you lose weight and have a smart body and then eat normally. Just exercise to maintain it, that’s all!


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