Introduction And Background It might not be that famous in Asia or maybe even the American continents but in European countries, Turnip has been considered to be a pretty common staple food for many centuries now. Now that was a very smart move on the part of Europeans because turnips although not as famous as its other counterparts such as broccoli and Brussel sprouts, it is one of the healthiest foods there is. Even the leaves of the turnip are considered to be a very healthy edible item and are often used in many cooking dishes. This white and purplish vegetable might take a steady role in your kitchens after you finish the article.

Why Does Turnip Make A Good Weight Loss Food? Saying that turnip is a vegetable is not a good enough reason to make it a weight loss food now, is it? Potatoes are also a vegetable but people need to stay away from them if they want to lose weight! Hence, the reasoning behind everything is important because it convinces you further to accept and follow rather than just discard some instruction. Turnips are good for weight loss because they provide what every dieter wants – it keeps you full and gives you numerous nutrition with a very low calorie consumption! Hence, these kind of foods makes for the best weight loss foods.

It Is High In Fiber Fiber is the one of the top nutrient for dieters, right next to proteins. The human body does not consume or absorb fiber and egests it from the body. Fiber makes the bulk of the stool that you pass and this is the reason why low fiber diets often lead to constipation and other bowel problems. As it is high in fiber, it makes for a great appetite suppressant because just a little of it can make you feel full and also does not give you any significant calories either. The combination is just too perfect to throw away!

The Body Weight Control And The Bowel Movements You can tell from above that it has fiber so is good for relieving constipation and that it is low in calories so it is good for weight loss. However, it is a great body weight controller as well. Not only does it help in the regulation of the metabolic rate but it also keeps your body systems running up and healthy which proves for a more efficient system which leads to better and quicker weight loss. The bowel movements are also essential here because turnips are known to actually give a healthier and active environment to the colon, improving its health and structure too. Turnips also have many antioxidants which saves the body from any toxicities that could develop and that also leads to a better weight loss regime.

Other Benefits Of Turnips Now that you are well aware of the role turnips play in the weight loss process, it is time to see some of the other benefits as well and how weight loss is not the only thing turnips are good at!

  • It can actually help in preventing cancer. Turnips, as said above, has many antioxidants and contains plants chemicals which can prevent any mutations from occurring in the body through reactions and thus can stop a cancer or tumor development in the body. There are researches being done where turnips are actually a great preventive measure for colonic cancer or other types of cancer that have to do with the large intestine.
  • The heart health also improves significantly with turnips because they also contain anti-inflammatory substances and since folate is naturally present in an abundant amount in turnips, they also boost the overall cardiovascular system and also reduce cholesterol levels in the body. If you’re having cholesterol problems, make sure turnips are also a part of your healthy diet.
  • Calcium and potassium come in large amounts in turnip and we all know how essential these two minerals are for proper development and growth, especially bone growth. Make sure your children are having turnips; do not just turn to broccoli even though that too is a terrific vegetable.
  • Turnips also have the nutrients to fight off carcinogens which mean that any type of cancer development from carcinogens, especially lung cancer due to smoking, also has a reduced risk rate if one turns to turnips. They help in regulating and to maintain lung health.

Conclusion You can clearly see the role of turnips in weight loss and you can see other benefits as well. It is time to go grocery shopping and to ensure that turnips are definitely on the list. There are many recipes as to how to prepare them and what you could do to make them more tasty but make sure they are all in the low fat category!


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