Differentiating between fact and fiction

Introduction and background

When it comes to various diets schedules, programs and menus, people’s beliefs are highly variable and depend on individual’s knowledge, preferences and priorities. The same goes true for the today’s most talked-about diet i.e. “HCG diet”. The following article is intended to discuss some of the commonest myths associated with this diet and reveal the true facts associated with the same. Read on to discover more.


What is a myth?

In general terms, a myth can be defined as a “false belief” that people often associate with something. For example, a common myth about diabetes is that it is caused due to increased consumption of glucose of eating too much sugar. In reality, this is certainly not true as diabetes is mostly caused to deficiency of insulin, a hormone that regulates sugar consumption and its levels in the human blood.


Top myths about HCG diet


Myth 1: HCG diet is a scam

Fact: Certainly not. An HCG diet is a credible, genuine diet that is primarily based on the effectiveness of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone. That is naturally produced in pregnant women. This hormone has been “scientifically proved” to have a strong fat blasting role in the human body when used in conjunction with a strict-calorie diet.


Myth 2: HCG diet is only for pregnant women

Fact: Again, it’s a false assumption. In the first instance, pregnant women do not really need to lose weight. Ion fact, ideally, they should be on a high calorie diet. What is true, however, is the fact that HCG hormone is released in significant quantities only in pregnant women. It does not mean, however, that it should only be used in pregnant women. Evidence testifies the fact that when used in conjunction with the quality HCG drops or injections, HCG diet can actually help people lose weight and achieve their weight loss goal in as few as 2-3 months.


Myth 3: HCG diet drops are scam

Fact: If you believe that all homeopathy is a pure scam and would never believe then you may also think the same about HCG drops. In reality, HCG homeopathic drops are as effective as any other potent homeopathic drops. Just goggle “HCG drops studies” and you will find several clinical trials and studies that all document and establish the efficacy and safety of HCG homeopathic drops. In addition, there are thousands of user testimonials and recommendations from doctors, dieticians and nutritionists that all actually endorse their successful role in losing weight. Therefore, it would be a great injustice to call all HCG drops as scam. You should, however, be care enough to do your proper homework and in-depth research before finding the most suitable drops for yourself.


Myth 4: HCG drops act like steroid

Fact: It can not be more false. Steroids are dangerous hormones that are often taken in the form of pills or injections by body builders or athletes to gain extra energy, stamina and muscle. HCG drops, on the other hand, are totally harmless “homeopathic” formulations that contain HCG hormone in an extremely diluted form but in an optimal potency. To date, there are no health risks or side effects that have been found to be associated with any HCG drops.


Myth 5: HCG diet is not safe

Fact: Again, this claim has no basis or justification. HCG is one of the most normal, physiological and safest hormone that are naturally found in the blood of pregnant women. It is, therefore, considered potentially harmless and safe. Furthermore, to date, no side effects or compilations and health risks have been noted or reported by any of the HCG dieter or weight loss seeker even after regular or long term use of HCG diet and drops. Therefore, it is not only an effective diet but is also very safe diet program that has been successfully and safely used by thousands of users and fitness enthusiasts.



It is very much evident from the above mentioned facts that all of the myths associated with HCG diet and drops are, in fact, just myths and have no credible basis or justification. For the same reason, HCG diet and HCG drops can be synergistically used altogether and simultaneously to achieve maximum weight loss impact and without the risk of any side effects. The criteria of choosing such drops, however, should be a recommended one and based on credible evidence and facts. There are, fortunately, quite a few good HCG drops that are considered best selling and safest in the weight loss market. The key, therefore, lies in choosing the safest and most suitable HCG drops that not only effective but also very affordable and economical.

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