Introduction and background

The enticing aroma of red raspberries is due to phenolic compound raspberry ketones. Cosmetics, beverages and perfume industries have been using this compound for a long time. On other hand, food industry makes a good use of it as flavoring agent to different foods as in case of ice cream and desserts. The effectiveness of raspberry ketones is not bounded only to enhance food flavors; but sought after as an effective appetite suppressant. Do raspberry ketones really suppress appetite? What in reality makes it an effective appetite suppressant? Answers to these questions lie in the mode of action they take after ingestion. In fact, the way raspberry ketone enhances metabolism is the key in suppressing appetite. They suppress appetite by stimulating fat metabolism acting similar to a chemical found in hot peppers known as capsaicin. Many studies proved raspberry ketones effect on metabolism in animals but unfortunately, no such detailed experiment or results are performed on human being. This causes reluctance in recommending raspberry ketones as an appetite suppressant. However, number of people uses raspberry ketone as a weight loss supplement as no major side effects are known yet.  In order to suppress appetite you need a considerable quantity of raspberry ketones. Consuming lots of mineral rich raspberries can help you let in raspberry ketones. Alternatively, one can take raspberry ketone in the form of supplements available at the store. Keep on reading this article to understand the fact that raspberry ketones do suppress appetite.

How Raspberry Ketones Suppress Appetite

Raspberry ketone helps suppress appetite by increasing fat metabolism by targeting those hormones responsible for monitoring metabolism. By regulating hormones and temperature control, raspberry ketone ultimately serves as weight loss factor. Raspberry ketones resist cravings for food by speeding up the fat metabolism and reducing fatty tissues in liver and act as wonderful appetite suppressant. In view of the fact, raspberry ketones do suppress appetite. Let me discuss the mechanism that makes it a popular appetite suppressant and a natural choice among diet conscious people to reduce weight. The raspberry ketone activates three processes that help appetite suppression.

  • Breaking down lipids in the body
  • Effect on protein hormone adiponectin
  • Regulation of temperature by hormones

Lipids break down in the body

Adipose tissues store fats, which break down in the body by a process known as lipolysis. Breaking down lipids is a catabolic process leading to the breakdown of triglycerides stored in fat cells. The proteins involved in the lipolytic process are constituents of drugs for treatments of obesity and metabolic disorders. Raspberry Ketones help to alleviate the concentrations of catecholamine thus inducing lipolysis. The speeding up of lipase secretion by raspberry ketones assist in weight loss with normal calorie intake. In addition to fat loss, raspberry ketone increases the amount of ketones in the blood. Increased ketone in blood put body in state of ketosis in which fatty acids transport out of the cell to metabolize into glucose. Raspberry ketones make metabolism faster without making dieters to starve themselves or doing strenuous exercises.

Effect on protein hormone Adiponectin

Adiponectin is a protein hormone that regulates metabolism. Studies demonstrate that obese people tend to have low quantities of hormone adiponectin. The higher the quantity of adiponectin hormone, lower will be the body fat percentage. Raspberry Ketone increased fatty acid oxidation and decreased lipid accumulation in fat cells. The potential benefit of raspberry ketone to weight loss is the effect on increasing concentrations of this adiponectin. Fats are stored in liver and muscles. They secrete protein hormone adiponectin that controls metabolic deviations. With the effects like the secretion and expression of adiponectin and lipolysis raspberry ketones regulates absorption of fats. This prevents body from gaining excess weight again. The dual action that helps to suppress appetite and keeping weight at a bay makes raspberry ketone a good choice as an appetite suppressant.

Regulation of temperature by hormones

Raspberry ketones have a tremendous influence on emergency hormone epinephrine and norepinephrine. These hormones released by the body in “fight and flight conditions” are responsible to rise body temperature by increase in blood pressure. The higher body temperature also fastens up metabolism thus burning calories. People with heart conditions, high blood pressure and asthma should avoid ketones.


What else could be needed to suppress appetite, when we have found suppressant as good as red raspberry ketones? Raspberry ketone enhances one’s sensitivity to insulin. Low level of insulin results in most cravings specifically for sugars and carbohydrates. With regular intake of raspberry ketone, you will reduce your calorie intake and appetite readily. Raspberry ketones resist your cravings for food by speeding up the fat metabolism and reducing fatty tissues in liver.  It will not only help you burning stored fats in the body but also suppress appetite. Making you get your body in a shape, you have always aspired of getting.

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