Introduction And Background

The HCG diet is the most famous diet around nowadays. It consists of the hormone HCG which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a rather diluted form of the hormone since the HCG drops are homeopathic in nature. The HCG diet makes you lose weight from three to seven kilograms in just a little more than a week. No other diet can make you achieve results that fast. The HCG diet is gaining a lot of recognition, so much so that even Oprah is discussing the diet and its pros and cons.


How Does The Diet Work?

The diet takes advantage of the HCG drops and how they make the body burn the fat. Do not be afraid, only the fat is burnt. Many people had a lot of worries whether or not the substance was burning other things in their body too such as protein but the hormone does not work that way.


Does The Diet Have Any Side Effects?

No, the diet is not known to have any side effects. This did not seem possible with such fast weight loss but users have also supported the claim that the HCG diet in fact did not have any side effects.


Can We Eat Anything In The Diet?

Getting to the main topic here, no you cannot eat anything you want. There is a particular diet plan you have to maintain if you are on the HCG diet. There are certain recommended foods and it is better if you eat them. There are recipes of meals given too for you to follow and there is a certain daily calorie limit that you cannot exceed.


What Are The Recommended Vegetables in The HCG Diet?

Vegetables hold a lot of importance in the HCG diet. With such low calorie meals and being on a constant diet, it means that you have to eat good in order to make sure that you are not deficit in any nutritional values. And since vegetables are really healthy food, you need to eat them. These are the recommended vegetables in the HCG diet:
• Celery
• Spinach
• Lettuce
• Tomatoes
• Onions
• Radishes
• Cucumbers
• Cabbage

Basically, these are the vegetables that you should include in your daily diet. They are highly recommended and the names are even written on the HCG diet sites that provide the drops and the plans for the entire diet.


Why Are These Vegetables Recommended For The HCG Diet?

If you haven’t noticed already, notice it now. All the vegetables mentioned above are leafy and green (except for tomatoes) and do not contain that many calories. In fact, some of them contain even less than twenty calories. They are high in fiber and in a few vitamins and minerals which is important for bowel egestion since you are already on a low calorie meal and it is bound to affect your digestive system a bit. These vegetables also tend to fill you up. They satisfy your appetite and keep your hunger pangs away. They are nutritious. What better vegetables could the HCG diet have recommended?


Are There Any Vegetables Recommended To Stay Away From?

Yes, there is a list of vegetables which are prohibited to you during the course of your diet. They will hinder the weight loss process. These vegetables are:
• Corn
• Carrots
• Potatoes
• Peas
• Parsnips
There are other vegetables included in the list as well but these are the main ones. It is best to make sure they are not in any meals you are taking during the HCG diet.


Why Are These Vegetables Not Recommended?

These vegetables are not recommended because of the high calorie content in them. These vegetables also have high sugar content, such as corn and carrots, and will probably mess up the calorie limit set to you during the diet. Other than that, every dieter knows to stay away from potatoes, whether boiled, cooked, or fried because of the amount of carbs in them as well as the sugar and the fats. They are definitely a no go for the HCG diet. It is best if you follow the instructions and not eat these specific vegetables.



The HCG diet is not as difficult as it looks. Sure, there are a few yes and no’s to food but then again, which diet has none? There are other good things to the HCG diet. You get to sit around and not exercise. That’s a plus point. And besides, if you’re losing weight so fast, you might as well follow it properly and do it once and for all. Follow the correct diet plan and eat the recommended vegetables. And try and stay away from those not recommended. It is only for your own betterment. Say yes to the lettuce and no to the carrot!

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