Psychological Benefits Of Dieting

Introduction And Background

We associate dieting with weight loss only. We do not stop to think that dieting might be related to other things as well or it might have other benefits. For example, a lot of patients are made to diet before major surgeries because their bowel system and stomach has to be empty and clear for the procedure. However, in this obese world, we rarely associate dieting with something other than weight loss. The media portrays it that way, the internet portrays is that way and even we think that way. However, there are benefits of dieting that might not have crossed your mind. You will read about them now.

The Psychological Benefits Of Dieting
Yes, dieting has psychological benefits. Does that surprise you? It definitely would. How in the world can dieting benefit one mentally and psychologically? Well, here is how.

  • You become more aware of your body. When you are dieting, you concentrate on every food you are having and often know the background of it. A friend of mine started dieting about a year back. He dieted for about six months before he finally got to his ideal weight. During all that time, he knew all the vitamins and their benefits in the foods he was having. Sometimes he would often count the benefits or the calories. He would actually feel the difference by eating healthy, knowing all the minerals and components of the things he was eating.
  • You become less lazy and believe that you can be more active. Psychologically, the effect is immense. Even during the first few weeks when you haven’t lost that much weight, but you suddenly feel fit as a fiddle and lighter than before. It can make you more active.
  • If you are trying to lose weight, it is an achievement in life. Whether you feel bad about gaining so much weight or not, dieting will make you feel good. It will make you feel as if you are working towards something and that determination is enough.
  • Dieting affects your body in such a way that your mind learns to deal with food in adequate amounts. If you are used to dieting, your mind will not accept the fact that you will overeat again. Thus, you are content with whatever you are having in whatever amount you are having.
  • Psychologically, another benefit that will occur during your dieting period is the sleep pattern. Some people think that dieters often have trouble sleeping because of the immense hunger pangs and their dissatisfaction of the food they have eaten. However, believe it or not, dieters sleep better!

Health Benefits
The psychological benefits are definitely there but health benefits to dieting are immense. Here they are:

  • You will stay fit your entire life. If you are used to dieting. Dieting does not mean starving only. Dieting also means taking a good measure of what you’ve eaten and being on weight control. If you can do that, there is assuredly no reason for you to think about obesity in old age or other such problems.
  • You will most probably never get diseases such as diabetes unless it runs in the family. If it is in your genes, you can surely prevent it till a later age but most of the people get it even in their early fifties.
  • Your cholesterol levels will not rise if you diet since you are probably staying away from fatty foods or foods that can make you gain weight.
  • You will probably never suffer from any kind of heart disease, especially atherosclerosis and angina attacks that come with it!
  • If you are dieting, you are probably eating healthy foods minus all the foods that can make you gain weight which means you are having a good amount of protein which is very good for the body.
  • Obesity often gives you blood pressure problems. If you maintain your weight your entire life, it will put off this problem till even your seventies!

There are numerous benefits to dieting but you must understand one thing. Dieting does not mean starving yourself. People can diet their entire lives if they have the tendency to become fat. All they have to do is control what they eat and keep a watch over their calories. This does not qualify as starving. Hence, do not think that dieting is for the obese only. As mentioned above, a lot of people diet. Patients diet in hospitals before undergoing major surgeries. There are immense benefits to dieting but as long as you diet smartly. No one is telling you to starve and in turn develop some nutritional deficiency. Diet smartly and gain all the benefits that come with it. You’ll feel the difference.

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