Introduction And Background
When people diet, their biggest dilemma is what they should eat or they should not eat. Someone who is really fond of burgers and pizzas would find it very hard to turn towards something that is not fried and heavy. Some people are not that fond of fruits and some don’t like vegetables all that much. However, one thing that everyone should keep in mind is that no matter what diet you are following, protein should never leave it. You might want to try out a carb free diet or maybe you are cutting down on fats completely but one thing that should not leave your list are proteins. They should be a solid part of your diet. Now, you would probably be wondering why proteins should never leave your diet. There are multiple reasons to that and some of them are discussed below.

The Most Important Component Of The Food Pyramid
While some might argue over this fact and say that carbs are the most important component, it is in fact protein that most of the body is made of. Protein is required for cell regeneration and repair and for the muscle development and numerous other chemical reactions that are taking place inside the body. While you may need carbs and fats for energy, you must already have reserves in your body if you are planning to diet anyway. Aside from that, the food you eat will also have amounts of carbs and fats in them. Even protein rich foods have other nutrients in them as well. However, you should be concentrating more on the foods that are high in protein than anything else and no matter what diet you are following, do not compromise on protein.

It Reduces Your Appetite
Did you know that protein can actually reduce your appetite? This is also one of the major reasons as to why protein needs to be a part of your diet; it can help you in weight reduction! Protein is actually the last to get digested in the stomach which means that it stays in the stomach for longer periods of time. This also implies that you will feel full for a longer time and you might not want to eat suddenly after having a high protein meal in the first place.

For Hair, Skin, Nails
Protein is your body actually. It is needed for hair growth, skin repair as well as your nails. These are really important components for the female world and more so than anything else actually. Some people would prefer to have the perfect hair, skin and nails than the perfect weight. Needless to say, there are other things in the body besides weights so do not compromise on them just because you want to lose weight. And if you want to lose weight, do it the proper way and do not remove important nutrition like protein from your diet in any way.Start Your Day With Protein

Not only does it reduce your appetite but you feel considerably happier with your diet if you have a protein rich meal for breakfast. It can actually keep you away from having snacks or feeding up on something before lunchtime and your day will probably pass by without having any hunger pangs or anything like that before your next meal time. It is also beneficial health wise to have a protein rich breakfast. Although many people are used to having cereals, try to have something alongside it as well in order to have protein in your meal.

What Are Protein Rich Foods?
There are so many foods that you can add to the list of things you can eat which have a lot of protein in them. We all know meat has protein so that is well known but aside from that, eggs have protein in them. Dairy has it too, yoghurt and cheese especially. And not only that, you can turn to green leafy vegetables too like spinach and broccoli, they have high protein content as well. Other than that, there are some nuts like almonds and walnuts and along with that some fruits such as avocados. However, these have high carbs too so watch out, don’t have too much of them.

Protein should never leave your diet and now you know all the reasons behind this sentence too. Have a protein deficient diet is going to pretty much mess up your health and that is not something one looks towards doing in a diet. If you want to diet and lose weight, sure go ahead and cut down on the carbs and fats but you still should have the daily protein requirement because it is necessary. Without it, you will be have ill effects that you will not like!


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