Introduction and background

Like every other diet, HG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet has its own share of weaknesses and strengths. It will be an intellectual dishonesty to say that HCG diet is perfectly suitable for everyone who tries it. However, at the same time, experiments and scientific evidence has suggested that HCG diet can really work for the majority of dieters and weight loss seekers. This article attempts to explore various pros and cons associated with the HCG diet.

Pros (Strengths) of an HCG diet

Cheaper: HCG diet, compared to the other common diets, is cost-effective, cheaper and economical. In other words, a typical diet menu of an standard HCG diet is a way cheaper and can be easily included and consumed on regular basis and for long term without spending much money.

Time-saver: HCG diet saves time by exerting its weight loss effect in the shortest possible time. In simple words, if you consume HCG diet properly and regularly, you will be able to lose weight and suppress your appetite in weeks and not months. However, to maintain it afterwards, you may need to take it for long.
Safe and risk-free: According to the information and data collected from the majority of HCG dieters, HCG diet is free from health risks, adverse events and undesirable side effects that can be associated with other diets such as nausea, headache, periods of binge eating and all.

Synergistic: One very important point associated with the HCG diet is the fact that, unlike other diets, its effect, potency and speed of action can be increased by adding a quality, homoeopathic HCG supplement. Therefore, if you are using a quality and recommended HCG drop supplement, you will be able to lose greater weight in shorter time frame.
Easier and convenient: HCG diet is considered more convenient to take as compared to other diets that have difficult menus, regimens and recipes. Also, the HCG recipes usually consist of easily available food choices such as fruit and vegetable salads, sea food and certain forms of meats. It can be easily prepared in one’s own kitchen. Finally, unlike most other diets, it can be consumed without difficulty and most of its recipes are tasty and delicious for the majority of dieters.

Equally effective for all: Contrary to the popular belief, HCG diet works well for both genders i.e. men and women. Hence, it is, indeed, a myth that as an HCG hormone is only secreted in pregnant women, it will not really work in men. Furthermore, it can be effective for adults of all ages in both sexes.

Cons (weaknesses) of an HCG diet

Needs adherence to the diet regimen: By all means, a typical HCG diet can be called as a “5-calorie” diet. Ideally, you should not exceed this calorie amount daily limit. If you do, chances are that it may take longer to work for you.

May restrict you from some of your favourite foods: Until and unless you combine the HCG diet with some of the recommended HCG drops, it is advisable to refrain from some of the favourite foods such as chocolate, desserts, homogenized milk, cola drinks and all. It must also be remembered that taking the HCG drops does not mean you should start taking all these foods. All it means is that, if you are taking HCG drops then even if you occasionally consume some of your favourite foods (a phenomenon known as HCG diet cheating), you can still be able to lose weight.

Will not work overnight: It must be remembered that an HCG diet is not a “miracle” diet. Like most other diet regimens and programs, it needs strict adherence, dedication and patience to show its initial effects. This is, indeed, it’s a proof that it is not a scam and will only work progressively, slowly, gradually and over the period of time. However, as mentioned above, its action and effects can be greatly increased by combining it with the regular use of some safe and recommended HCG drops. Fortunately, there are quite a few good HCG drops that have been successfully used by several dieters and, with no reported side effects, are considered highly safe and risk-free. Furthermore, they are also very affordable and cheaper.

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