Introduction and background

The HCG Diet Protocol is available as a 20-40 day protocol or longer if you need more time. The one to chose depends on how much weight you want to lose. Whichever one of the procedure you chose, the protocol is divided into the following in 3 phases.


First phase (Excessive eating phase)

The first two days of the protocol is enlisted in this phase. What is to be done at this period is to eat as much as possible. You can eat as much as you like as long as the diet contains high calorie and fat. You will also take the HCG as instructed. The first two days of the protocol begins with the individual building up the starch and fat reserve in the body. Foods that are rich in fats, protein and starch are encouraged as much as possible. Quite a good number of those who are partaking in the HCG Diet Protocol have tried other means and have placed themselves on diet that will have resulted in a loss in the quantity of the fats that are stored within the body. The body should have these stored fats especially those fat surrounding your body organs prior to the commencement of the protocol. Phase one begins in the first two days with the HCG drops into the body. This will have the HCG already in the body prior to when the release of the excess fat stored in the body is needed. In these two days there should be excessive eating in order to increase the quantity of fat stored within the body. A visible attribute that will be noticed in this stage is gaining of body weight; the body weight gained is an indication fat reserve in the body is being built up by the body. It is important that the body gains weight during this period as the body will require it later in future in the course of the HCG Diet Protocol.


Second Phase (Measured calorie (500) phase)

This phase takes all days except the first two days. The duration depends on whether you are on the 40 day or 20 day protocol. What you are required to take is below 500 calorie (vegetables, fruits, meals with 4 oz of protein and a little quantity of grain). Continue to take the HCG as instructed. During the second phase, the average weight loss will be one pound daily. There is the probability of losing more in the early stage and losing less in the later stage. It has been observed that the weight loss in a man is slightly higher than that of a woman. The phase two of the HCG Diet Protocol last for 38 days. This phase requires that the homeopathic HCG drops alongside with a diet that is 500 calories. A typical meal will be a protein of 4 oz., fruits, vegetables and a little quantity of grain. The HCG must be taken according to the specification directed in the protocol. The HCG when taken with a low calorie will help the body to release all the fat that is stored within the body for a long time. The size of calorie that will be found in the blood stream as a result of this release will be as much as 1500 to 4000 calories on a daily basis. With the release of the calories from the body, despite the 500 calories that is taken in, the body will have adequate nutrition and energy for the entire period of the HCG diet protocol. Once the phase two is complete, you will cease to use the HCG drops; for the next three days after you have ceased the use of the HCG drops you will still maintain the diet plan of 500 calories.

Third Phase (Maintenance Phase)

This is the last 3 weeks of the protocol and you are restricted to eating food that contains neither sugar nor starch. Having completed the first two phases you will cease to take the HCG drops. You will still continue with the 500 calorie diet for the next three days. You have now gotten to the third and final phase of the HCG Diet Protocol weight loss. This phase will span for a period of three to six weeks (The longer the better). During this week you can eat as much as you like provided there is no sugar and starch included. You do not have to limit yourself to a 500 calorie diet any more. Bear in mind that it will be hard to eat much more than 500 calories a day for a while. The essence of this phase is to enable your body to establish a new metabolism. The weight loss that is attained at the end of the second phase will have to be maintained. This is to help you from gaining weight immediately after you cease to take the HCG diet drops and the 500 calorie diet.

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