Introduction And Background

We are all running a race to have the perfect body, the perfect figure and the perfect weight. Well, most of us are running towards the perfect weight ideology because with the rate the world is running towards obesity, it is almost frightening to think of how everyone will be in a few more years. But with newer possibilities and diets that work, the world might become a better place. I am of course talking about the HCG diet which is like the treatment or cure for obesity. Being fat takes a lot of things away from your life. It takes away good health, physical activeness and it also takes away self-esteem and confidence. Well, the HCG diet must be able to give it back to you.

What Is The HCG Diet?
The HCG diet is actually a diet which is based on the homeopathic drops of the diluted form of the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The drops are the main element of the diet and have to be taken as instructed. There is nothing to worry about with the HCG diet. It claims to have absolutely no side effects and many people have advocated that fact, those who have tried out the HCG diet and have actually lost weight. They claim to have had absolutely no side effects. This particular hormone is also naturally present inside the body. It is the hormone with which mother find out that they are pregnant when taking the urine test. Good news, right?

How Many Phases Are There Of The HCG Diet?
There are basically four phases of the HCG diet. You get an instruction manual when you purchase the drops which explains all about the four phases and what you have to do in it along with recipes for certain foods. One thing must be kept in mind though, the calorie limit should not go above five hundred. And I’m not talking for a single meal. I’m talking about the entire day. You achieve extremely quick weight loss as you all might have heard about the HCG diet but you also have to curtail on the eating to achieve it.

All About Phase 1 Of The HCG Diet Plan
Phase 1, as you can tell by the name, is the first phase of the HCG diet plan. It is an important phase of the entire diet but people go not give it as much attention as required. Here is the information you’ll need on phase 1.

Time Duration
Phase is the first two or three days of the HCG diet, from the moment you first take the HCG drops.

What To Eat?
This is important now, listen up carefully. In the first phase of the HCG diet, you can eat anything you want. In fact, you are encouraged to overeat. This might be a blessing or a little present for you to begin the diet but you actually have to stuff yourself with fats and carbohydrates for the upcoming phases and the starvation mode that you’ll have to face for the rest of the phases. There are no specifics of food when it comes to phase one. You have an open hand in it.

What To Drink?
Drinking water is extremely vital in phase 1. Do not even think that you can skip out on this. Water is an important component of the diet and no matter what pamphlet or site you open to research the HCG diet, they will all tell you about the crucial aspect water is to this diet. Eight glasses are not enough since it is what the average drinker drinks. You must have at least half a gallon of water!

Is Exercise Needed?
No, exercise is not needed. Since you are not watching your calories at all in the first phase of the diet, you do not need to exercise even. In fact, exercise is not really recommended in the HCG diet. They will tell you to rest mostly. The HCG diet does not tell you to exercise.

Why Is Phase 1 Ignored Mostly?
If you are obese, phase 1 is then just like any other day for you where you eat what you like and do not restrain yourself from overeating. The only difference is that you will drink more water and take the HCG drops at their specified time. Note that you are not supposed to take anything to eat for at least fifteen minutes after taking the HCG drops.

When you start on a diet, you have to follow it religiously. With the HCG diet is becomes easier to an extent because you see the results coming up fast and it boosts you to do better and follow it more carefully. The HCG diet is a very good diet.



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