Introduction And Background

HCG diet is one of the best diets there is. In fact, obesity has so many diseases that can come with it that rather than suspecting the HCG diet as not being a natural method of weight loss, we should do it before we get ourselves in even more trouble because of our weight. Diabetes and high blood pressure are common things that follow obesity. The HCG diet is actually a homeopathic diet that is safe and effective. It consists of drops that can be taken orally and can be injected. People tend to prefer the oral option because it is less painful and is easier.

Our Diet In The HCG Diet
As we all know, the HCG diet does not recommend a calorie intake above five to six hundred calories per day. But we have to make sure that we get our nutrition in this calorie limit so that the body does not suffer and equally weight loss can take place. For this purpose, we have miracle noodles which are considered as the fiber substance of the HCG diet.

What Are The Benefits Of Miracle Noodles?
Their name would somewhat tell what I miracle they are but the benefits are really a lot, especially for the obese people who are trying to lose weight. Since miracle noodles are not absorbed by the body, they keep your hunger pangs away but not give you any calories. They also put you at a low risk for diabetes. It has absolutely no fat, carbs or starch and aids in digestion as well. You need the bowel function be good which is hard to maintain in the HCG diet because you are eating so less. Well, with the miracle noodles the proper bowel function is now effective.

How Do They Help In The HCG Diet?
You need fiber in your diet. It is helpful and is essential because it is an important part of the food pyramid. Since miracle noodles have no calories and are high in fiber, you can eat them during the HCG diet without affecting the calorie limit of the diet.

How Much Miracle Noodles Can I have?
Miracle noodles are good for you but do not overdo it. This means, you can have it as a light snack or can replace a meal one day with miracle noodles.

Where Can I Get Miracle Noodles?
Miracle noodles do not come in the HCG diet package. You will have to get them on your own but they are not hard to find as there are various companies that manufacture the miracle noodles. They also come in several varieties so if you are tired of just having one type all the time, you can switch to another.

Is The HCG Diet Good For Me?
If you are overweight and need to lose weight, then this diet is definitely for you. Most people diet for a really long time but achieve extremely slow results. This puts them off and soon they end up eating more than they did before because they think they can’t lose weight. Well, with the HCG diet you’ll receive extremely fast results with weight loss up to five kilograms in just a week’s time! This will definitely encourage you and you’ll do the diet even more religiously. Another plus point of this diet is that there are no side effects. Do not think that you are giving something alien to your body and will receive side effects on your health later on. The diet centers around a hormone which is already present in the body. It is called the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It only helps raise metabolism level and burns the brown fat that is present excessively inside the body.

How Much Weight Do You Plan On Losing?
This is a question you need to ask yourself before you plan on doing the HCG diet. Since the weight loss is immensely fast, it is preferred you do not do it if you just want to lose about one or two kilograms at most or a few pounds. If you want to lose a lot of weight and are typically obese, then only should you turn to the HCG drops to solve the problem. Otherwise, try curtailing the appetite and exercise to lose weight rather than taking these drops.

Everyone likes noodles. From adults to children, we are all fond of it. This only helps the HCG diet further when miracle noodles are allowed on it. This way, we can diet, have our favorite food and also lose weight in the process. Miracle noodles are exactly what they are, a miracle. They do not have any fat in them and you can easily have them without feeling worried or guilty of eating a lot.

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