Introduction And Background
When a person is undergoing dieting, they experience hunger pangs of the worst kind. It is not easy for a food lover to suddenly control what he or she is eating. Food lovers are fond of eating a lot of things and when all of a sudden they are told to restrict what they eat and what amount they eat, it can become a little hard on them. But the funny part is, they think that it is all because of the stomach. It is their stomach that is responsible for them being fat and it is the stomach that is responsible for ruining their diet. However, it is not the stomach but actually your mind which is responsible for it. Dieting is ninety percent mental control and ten percent perhaps you can give off to stomach size or stomach cravings. Otherwise, it is really all in your head!

Brain Control
We know that the brain control everything. It is responsible for our movements, it is responsible for our thought process and it is even responsible for things we do unconsciously and have no control over such as the breathing, or the beating of our heart to name a few. And then again, it is also responsible for the stomach hunger pangs you face when you are hungry. It is your brain actually that is forcing you to eat something and it is your brain that is telling you that you are hungry and you must eat whatever it is that you can find. If you find yourself able to control that, you are well on your way to a thin and slimmer you!

Mind Over Matter
This phrase you must have heard a thousand times. A lot of people say it to sick or wounded people, that they can ignore the pain if they put their mind to it. The matter is irrelevant if you are able to exercise your brain power over it! It can actually help a lot in your diet. If you are mentally at peace with your plan and you can somehow exhibit control through your mind over physical matters such as hunger pangs, you will have no problem dieting at all!

Mental Dieting And Mental Control
You know now the importance of your mind. It is essential that your mind is fully on board with whatever you have decided to do. If your mind is willing to lose weight and is pretty adamant on it, there are a million hunger pangs which you can thoroughly ignore and stick to your diet sternly. There are a few tricks which you can apply which will help you a lot in getting your brain power set and give you some mental control over your body which will enable you to have will power and self-control over food! Here they are:

  • A lot of doctors talk about thought processing and taking time to take action. Psychiatrists have suggested a little trick which can make you stay away from your sudden food cravings. They say that if you wait an instant and analyze the situation, your mind will decide better for your body. For instance, if you are dieting and you are hungry and see a piece of pie in the refrigerator, do not eat it immediately. Take a full ten seconds to look at it while you shake your head from left to right. You can say “no” to yourself out loud during it or even whisper it to yourself. By the end of it, you will notice that you are no longer obsessing over it and it is fairly easy to walk away now. Your mind has thought better about it and you’ve achieve mental control which was lost in that second you saw the pie.
  • Seeing the end goal is pretty important. Those who think constantly about how they will look when they are thin are more faithful to their diets. Your mind is then happy about that image and it again become fairly easy to ignore those hunger pangs and decide on not ruining your diet by eating something fattening, no matter how strongly the pangs are coming!
  • There are some foods as well which are responsible for inhibiting the hormones that make you hungry and you can stay content for a longer period of time. Almonds, berries and even eggs come in that category. Research on it and find foods that play with your mind!

Mental dieting helps a lot and more than ever, it helps than any diet you can follow. If your mind agrees with your diet, any diet for that matter, you are well on your way to achieving weight loss. These tricks can actually help you and make you more determined than ever!

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